18 Things That Have Become Too Expensive And Are No Longer Worth It

Inflation has hit people hard all over the world, causing housing, bills, and other essentials to become more expensive. But plenty of our favorite everyday items, hobbies, and experiences have also suffered from cost inflation. We’ve compiled a list of 18 former economical things that now cost too much and just aren’t worth it anymore.

Fast Food

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Fast food has always been known as a quick, cheap, and easy alternative to eating out in more traditional restaurants, but that has sadly changed in recent times. According to Business Insider, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Chipotle have all bumped their prices up to match inflation, taking away fast food’s main appeal.

Takeaway Coffee

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Takeaway coffee has long been a staple of many people’s working day, especially due to the rise of coffee shop giants like Starbucks. However, like fast food, hot drinks have also suffered price increases, with lots of people choosing to save money by forgoing specialty coffee for a home brew instead.

Streaming Services

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When streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ hit our screens, they revolutionized television. People no longer needed to rely on cable; they could explore a world of different options. However, with membership costs rising and the introduction of ads on some services, streamers are starting to circle back to cable instead.

Gym Memberships

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Gyms have always been a great way to work out in a sociable and motivational environment, but memberships are no longer cheap enough to appeal to the masses. A study by IWG showed that one third of gym goers canceled memberships in 2023 due to the cost, with more people choosing to exercise outdoors or at home.

Concert Tickets

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Seeing your favorite artist live in concert is one of the most magical things, but it’s sadly something that not everybody can afford anymore. The tickets themselves are usually not that cheap, then the additional expenses added by distribution websites, like service fees, push the price up even more until many people can’t afford to buy them.


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There’s nothing quite like a set of freshly manicured nails, but this popular beauty treatment has also been hit by higher prices due to rising costs of materials and labour. As a result, many salon-goers are now creating their own manicures at home to save cash instead.

Nights Out

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After a long day at work, many people enjoy relaxing in a pub or bar with friends, unwinding with a few drinks. However, the price of alcoholic drinks has gone up. Research by The Telegraph has even shown that thousands of venues deliberately increase prices at peak times, which is putting more customers off.

Sweet Treats

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We’re all susceptible to a sweet treat, but the price surges for chocolate and candy over the past few years have got people yearning for cheaper times. Gone are the days when chocolate bars cost a few cents each; now, a lot of them are over a dollar, so people are more likely to think twice about picking one up.

Frozen Food

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One of the biggest advantages of frozen food was being able to pick up a whole meal and cook it quickly in the oven, all for a small price. Now, frozen food can cost as much as or more than fresh ingredients, rendering the original concept of a frozen dinner pointless.


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Due to rising costs of paper, printing, and writers’ salaries, printed magazines have also been hit by inflation. With the rise of the Internet, lots of people are shunning physical magazines in favor of digital articles, which can be read for free with a few clicks.


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When it first launched in 2008, Airbnb was groundbreaking. Instead of paying for a single hotel room, people could rent an entire house for their vacation, with the perks of privacy and comfort. However, a study by Which? found that hotels are actually cheaper on average than Airbnb, and many people have criticized the company’s additional fees and charges.

Uber Rides

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Just like Airbnb, Uber was created to be a more convenient and affordable version of a pre-existing service: traditional cab rides. However, the high demand for rides and increased operational costs often mean that an Uber can end up costing more than a regular metered cab, especially if you commute frequently in a high-demand area.

Cinema Tickets

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Much like concert tickets, cinemas have slowly been bumping up their prices too. Tickets are now more expensive than in the past, as are the snacks and drinks. Though 2023 did help revive cinemas, lots of people are now choosing to wait to watch films until they’re released on streaming services, with cheaper snacks bought from supermarkets.


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It makes sense that most people would think making their own clothes is a cheaper alternative to buying them from a store, but the opposite may actually be true. Fabric actually costs a lot more than it used to, and when you consider all the labor required to make your own clothes, buying new is often more cost-effective.


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It’s terrible when we get priced out of buying something so good for us, but that’s starting to become the case with fruit. According to The National News, fruit might now be considered a ‘luxury item’ due to rising costs, which are also preventing more people from developing a healthier lifestyle.

Restaurant Meals

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Eating out at a restaurant has always been a luxury where you pay for good food that you don’t cook yourself, but as prices become a bit too luxurious for the average person, more people are cooking at home. Particularly after the pandemic, lots of restaurants have raised their prices, but this action is driving customers away.


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Fresh flowers look gorgeous, but bouquet prices aren’t quite as lovely. With lots of florists capitalizing on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, flowers are often sold for a higher cost, with additional charges for packaging and delivery. Unfortunately, this means that fewer people are using traditional florists, and some are going out of business.

Food Delivery

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You expect to pay more to have food delivered instead of getting it yourself, but more and more people are being put off by additional charges that turn your reasonable food cost extortionate. Extras like service charges and small order fees soon add up, and they’re partially responsible for fewer people choosing to use delivery apps.

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