How to Organize Shoes in a Small Closet

Do you have a small closet? If so, don’t worry! You can still get organized using these simple tips for how to organize shoes in a small closet.

In no time at all, you’ll have your shoes neatly organized and taking up minimal space in your closet. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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How to Organize Shoes in a Small Closet

If you have a small closet, you know the struggle of trying to keep it organized. It can seem like an impossible task, especially when it comes to your shoes. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

With a little bit of effort, you can have a closet that’s both stylish and functional. Here are our tips for how to organize shoes in a small closet.

Sort Shoes Into Categories

There are three ways you can do this:

  • Sort shoes by type (dress shoes, sneakers, boots, etc.)
  • Sort shoes by color (black shoes, brown shoes, etc.)
  • Sort shoes by occasion (dress shoes, work shoes, running shoes, etc.)

Start by grouping your shoes by type. This will make it easier to know which shoes go where and will make your closet look more organized overall.

Once you’ve sorted your shoes by type, start grouping them by color. This will create a more cohesive look and feel in your closet.

Finally, sort your shoes by occasion. Dressier shoes can be stored on one side of the closet and more casual shoes on the other side. This will help you save time when getting dressed in the morning because you’ll know exactly where to find the right pair of shoes for the occasion. 

Shoe Storage Solutions

Once you’ve got your shoes organized by type, color, or occasion, it’s time to talk about shoe storage solutions.

There are a variety of storage containers specifically designed to organize shoes. This can be a great option if you have a lot of shoes, as it can help you to save space. 

You can choose from:

  • Shoe boxes
  • Shoe bins
  • Shoe racks

If you have a lot of shoes, using shoe boxes can be an easy way to organize them. You can stack them on top of each other or put them on a closet shelf.

If you have a small closet, using shoe bins can help you use the space more efficiently. You can put them on the floor or a shelf.

A shoe rack can be a great way to organize your shoes if you have limited storage space. Racks can be hung on the wall or mounted to the inside of your closet door.

Make Use of Every Inch of Space

If you have a small closet, you know the struggle of trying to organize everything so that it fits without looking cluttered. One of the hardest things to keep tidy is your shoes.

They tend to be bulky and many people have more than one pair for different occasions. Check out these tips on how to make use of every inch of space in your small closet.

Plan to:

  • Utilize vertical space
  • Use hanging shelves or racks
  • Install a shoe organizer

One tip is to use all the vertical space in your closet. This means installing shelves up high or utilizing an over-the-door organizer. This is a great way to take advantage of all the space available to you and prevent your shoes from taking over the floor of your closet! 

Another way to keep your shoes organized is by using hanging shelves or racks. These can be hung on any type of wall, whether it’s drywall or tile, and they provide an easy way to grab your shoes without having to search through a pile. 

If you want something a little more permanent, you can install a shoe organizer. This can be done easily with some basic tools and will make it so much easier to grab the pair of shoes you’re looking for without having to rummage through everything. 

Get Creative

There are so many great ways to keep your shoes organized, even in a small closet. With a little creativity, you can get your closet under control in no time.

Try these:

  • Use a ladder
  • Store them under your bed
  • Free up space by hanging purses on a hanger

One way to maximize space in a small closet is to use a ladder as storage for your shoes. You can either prop the ladder up against the wall or hang it from the ceiling. Either way, you’ll be able to store shoes with heels on the ladder without taking up too much space.

Another great option for shoe storage is to store them under your bed. This is especially helpful if you have a bed with storage underneath. You can just slip the shoes into the space under your bed, and they’ll be out of sight but still easy to access when you need them.

If you have purses taking up space in your closet, hang them on a coat hanger! This will free up some much-needed space in your closet and keep your purses within easy reach. Plus, it’ll help keep them from getting tangled up with each other or falling off a shelf.

If you’re dealing with a small closet, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways to organize your shoes and make the most of the space you have.

By following our tips, you can create a system that works for you and makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze.

How do you organize your shoes? Let us know in the comments!

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