19 Best Dogs If You Have Severe Anxiety

In a world where humans may make us nervous, dogs provide the right amount of comfort, support, and loyalty that you can find solace in. If you’re looking for a companion to save you from anxiety-induced solitude or depression, these 19 are sure to uplift your spirit.

Golden Retrievers

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Golden retrievers are excellent therapy dogs thanks to their calmness, easy trainability, and playful personalities. They’re especially great for children, and their ease toward strangers and other pets makes them centers of attraction, taking the pressure of social interactions off you. They may need a lot more grooming than others, however.

Standard Poodles

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Poodles are intelligent and mildly tempered dogs with playful personalities that can get you elated. They have a unique curly coat that’s not only calming to touch but also remains low-shedding and hypoallergenic, as Nativepet shares. They’re great for people whose allergies get aggravated by anxiety or stress.

Labrador Retrievers

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Labrador retrievers also have a calm, playful personality that makes you feel loved. They’re intelligent and easy to train, so much so that they’re one of the top picks for people to use as service dogs. They’re also great options for first-time dog owners.


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This small dog is great for people who need an anxiety-relieving travel buddy. Weighing an average of five pounds, chihuahuas are low-maintenance, mildly tempered dogs that can be trained to sit on your lap as a calming mechanism during your anxiety episodes.

Yorkshire Terrier

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Also called the Yorkie, the Yorkshire terrier is a six-pound, travel-friendly breed that has a place cemented in dog therapy history. Military shares that one named Smoky was the first-ever official therapy dog—a Pacific veteran that helped lift the spirits of wounded soldiers during the Second World War.

French Bulldog

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Another small breed with low maintenance needs, the French bulldog is great for people who want a companion that is both low in temperament and energy. Their small size makes them a perfect fit for people who don’t like to go out, but you will need a little more time to get these stubborn cuties trained.

Cocker Spaniel

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A jovial breed with high levels of trainability, the cocker spaniel is particularly child-friendly. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had one as their trusty companion for nine years, and their silky, fluffy fur can be particularly calming on your skin when cuddled.

Great Dane

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Great danes are gentle giants—one of the largest dogs around with one of the calmest personalities you can find. They are easy to train and get protective over their wards, making them good choices for people who need solace in feeling protected to calm their anxiety.

German Shepherds

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Just like the Great Danes, German shepherds are another group of protective dogs popularly used for therapy treatment. As PetHelpful shares, “German Shepherds are incredibly smart, which means they can be trained to do almost anything. With some dedicated time, German Shepherds can learn to be patient, quiet, and calm even in hectic settings.”


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Training dachshunds can be a bit of a headache, but these 24-pound, moderately-tempered dogs are great for pressure therapy treatments. They also have a miniature ten-pound counterpart that fits perfectly indoors, and they all come with a wiener-shaped body that can get a laugh out of you.

Italian Greyhounds

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These short-furred, low-maintenance, and low-energy breeds will be the last thing that you’ll have to worry about. They’re fast dogs that find it easy to socialize with strangers and other pets, making them safe to take anywhere you go. If you have a busy schedule, the Italian Greyhound is a good fit for you.

Saint Bernards

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If you’re looking for an excessively tolerant dog, Saint Bernards will do the trick. These 140-pound giants are cuddly and come with some of the lowest grooming requirements of all. They are excellent for both physical and emotional therapy, and they also fit in so well with the children around them.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed with an excellent personality and an even more exquisite coat of fur. The AKC deems them versatile and adaptable, as they stay calm when you need them to be and go all out with their energy during playtime. They’re also great for children and people with unstable personalities.

Great Pyrenees

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Large and smart dogs, the Great Pyrenees will also be extremely calm and patient with you during hectic situations. They’re a common sight in hospitals and nursing homes, coming with cuddle-friendly fur and a height that is perfect for a quick reach.


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Papillons come with an innate sense of caring and high energy levels, which makes them great choices for group therapy sessions. They are easy to train for more specialized tasks and are also low-shedding breeds that save you the stress of cleaning up after them.

Welsh Corgis

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Whether it’s the Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi, having one with you means you have one of the smartest dog breeds to please you. They are playful, mild-tempered dogs that always want to be around you. This makes them great for people with attention- or separation-related anxiety.


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Pugs are a small breed with a high level of attentiveness. If you need a dog that will listen to you while you vent out everything that’s making you nervous, the pug will gladly lend a listening ear. They are also intelligent—easy to train to pick up new tricks—and are comfortable with you touching them every time.

Miniature American Shepherds

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Intelligent and coming with high amounts of energy, miniature American shepherds are a mid-sized breed that’s adaptable to calm and intense situations. It’s a breed that’s not afraid to show you the affection you deserve through extremely loyal companionship.


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With these small-sized dogs, you get a companion that’ll follow you everywhere you go, every time. They are beautifully coated, energetic dogs that will lighten up your spirit during nervous episodes, and their small size and weight also make them easy to carry around.

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