7 Strange Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

The average job seeker may not know this, but in the vastness of the common landscape of jobs and careers available to many, some roles just don’t seem real, but they are. It’s as if they were picked from a science fiction novel and brought into the real world. Here are 7 strange jobs that you may have never known existed.

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Professional sleeper

If this role doesn’t sound like a dream come true, we don’t know what will. Sleep research centers employ individuals to become professional sleepers for them. Other places that do the same are mattress companies and even hotels. The primary role is to sleep under different conditions and be monitored or provide feedback to the employers.

Golf ball diver

Ever seen people run around golf courses picking up balls off the grass? Especially those courses with water hazards are the workplaces for golf ball divers. These people dive into ponds and lakes to retrieve lost golf balls, which can then be cleaned and resold. It earns well but can be risky.

Pet food taster

Yes, some people eat pet food. This is done to ensure the food is palatable and of high quality. It is an important role that helps maintain the quality of pet foods and taste preferences. Everything from the flavor to the texture and smell is analyzed through taste testing

Professional mourner

A tradition that dates back to ancient times is that of a professional mourner. These people are still hired by people in some regions of the U.S. today. Their job is to attend funerals and memorial services to mourn the deceased, either to support the overall community or to increase the appearance of support for individual families.

Iceberg mover

Following the Titanic disaster, the International Ice Patrol was established, leading to the creation of iceberg movers. These people work to track and relocate icebergs in the North Atlantic to prevent them from colliding with ships. This exclusive and critical job requires a deep understanding of ice physics and ocean currents.

Snake milker

When it comes to the production of antivenom, which is crucial in some parts of the world, including the U.S., a snake milker plays a vital role. Their job is to extract venom from poisonous snakes in a safe and controlled environment. Which is then used in research and to create antivenoms. An important role that saves hundreds of lives each year from potentially fatal snake bites.

Furniture tester

The furniture you have in your house has most probably been tested by a furniture tester before it was sold. This is an important role that ensures furniture that is mass-produced for the consumer is comfortable to use and functional. These individuals spend many days sitting, standing, and lying on various pieces and provide feedback regarding various aspects. 

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