18 Things You Should Buy Used Instead of New

Used items can be life savers, helping you keep yourself from spending thousands while enjoying the same perks as with their new counterparts. If you’re thinking of what’s safe to buy in the second-hand market, these 18 items are great places to start.


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Progressive shares that “many cars lose around 20% of their value within the first year of ownership.” This means you can get a one-year-old car for a quarter lower than its original price and save yourself tens of thousands of dollars. It just requires a little patience if you’ve been waiting for a while to get it.


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For the avid readers out there, the words don’t read any better if you buy the book new. All you get is a new cover for 60% to 90% more. If you’re a college student, buying used books will be one of your many lifesavers. Others who just love reading can buy more books for less money this way.

Video Games


Whether it’s for generic games like Elden Ring or exclusives like God of War and Halo, there is a thriving market for used games you can tap into. Save up to 60% of the cost without sacrificing any bit of your gaming experience. Of course, this is usually only available for physical video games.


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Spending a thousand dollars on a new iPhone every year may not seem intuitive for some people. Instead, you can save hundreds by buying them second-hand. Just make sure they’re about two to three years old at most, to keep technology recent and enjoy support from manufacturers.

Handheld Tools

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Buying that leaf blower or hoe from Craigslist isn’t a bad idea. If you need several pieces of equipment but you’re on a tight (and maybe insufficient) budget, used tools will save you. All you have to do is make sure they’re intact and working as well as they should.


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Fast fashion is overwhelming for you and your pockets to keep up with. It’s no surprise that thrifted clothes have become trendy in recent times. The Motley Fool says you get to save up to 50% per item with second-hand clothes.


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With how erratic children can be, that batmobile your kid may have been asking for may not be cool-looking to him after all. As long as you can get used toys that are as clean and functional as they would’ve been when new, it’s not a bad idea to go for them.

Gym Equipment

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It’s hard to go wrong with used gym equipment. They give you the same functions and tedious sessions as their new counterparts without weighing heavily on your pockets. You just have to be more careful when buying electronic and mechanical gym equipment.


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Pinkbike says a used bike of good quality should cost about 60% of its original price. This means that with a used bike, you don’t just cut gas costs; you also save hundreds of dollars without having to sacrifice quality and functionality.

Musical Instruments

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You get to create the melodies you love without worrying about durability, because used instruments last just as long as new ones. Save yourself hundreds of dollars by buying a used piano that’s in almost perfect condition.


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The price of furniture can get really steep, with couches coming in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For up to 50% less, used furniture doesn’t serve you any differently. All you may have to do is give it a new covering, and you’re good to go.

Holiday Items

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You’ll probably use those Christmas or Thanksgiving decorations only once a year. Why spend a lot on them if you need to save yourself some money? The best part of this is that you can find very unique used holiday pieces for the most unbelievable prices.


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One of the easier items to gauge their usability is glassware—if it’s not broken, you can definitely use it. Save yourself a few bucks by opting for a used set of glass cups, or even hundreds of dollars with a deal on a set of bespoke glassware.

Baby Apparel

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Babies change their cloth sizes almost as fast as they go through diapers. Cleanly used clothing items that are in good condition can help you accommodate your toddler’s fast growth without putting pressure on your pocket. Just look out for loose items that may present choking hazards, as MadeForMoms advises.


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Pre-owned jewelry, especially jewelry from luxury brands, can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When you opt for them in peer-to-peer markets, however, be careful not to buy fakes and make sure they come in pristine, wearable quality.


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With appliances, you save yourself some money and save the environment from unnecessary waste. A lot of people throw out perfectly good appliances when they upgrade to larger, more sophisticated ones. A yard sale is your perfect opportunity to get the best possible deals on appliances.

Outdoor Gear

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Due to the high-stakes market they’re sold to, camping and mountaineering gear can get really expensive. Save yourself hundreds of dollars on used high-ticket items like tents and also enjoy the protection that comes with them. This can be your strategy to get expensive gear that guarantees you more safety.


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With used homes, you stand a chance to get more space for less money and even keep some extra change with you. Just keep in mind that it wouldn’t have much resale value if you’re intending to flip it, and maintenance costs can build up if the home is in disrepair. Go for relatively newer used homes to get the most value.

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