18 Mistakes Women Often Make in Relationships

A relationship is a long-term commitment that will always have its ups and downs, and it’s normal for both parties to make mistakes. However, this can sometimes be avoided, so let’s look at the 18 most common mistakes women make in relationships.

Ignoring red flags

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It is easy to ignore red flags when invested in someone else, but they tell you everything you need to know about a person. Some red flags are deal breakers, while others can be worked through, but the worst mistake you can make is to totally ignore them.

Not speaking up

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If something bothers you in a relationship, it is common for women to bottle this up in an effort to avoid confrontation and upsetting their partner. However, a relationship is about you as much as the other person, and your feelings are valid. Speak up because problems won’t be resolved otherwise!


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Some women forget that their partner has a life outside of the relationship, acting as if they have exclusive access to their partner. Your partner has every right to engage with other people, yet jealousy is a common cause of breakups. Remember, you complement each other’s life and are not their entire life.

Trying to change your partner

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Relationships don’t succeed unless both parties love their partner for who they are. Change is inevitable as relationships progress, but it is important not to try to actively change your partner. Ultimately, Marriage.com points out that if you can’t accept someone for who they are, why are you with them?

Not giving space

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When you are fully invested in a relationship, it’s normal to want to spend every second together, but spending time apart is also important. Everyone is entitled to their personal space, so who are you to deny it? Consider this carefully, especially if your partner is an introvert.

Involving third parties

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A relationship is between two people, you and your partner, so be careful when involving third parties. While seeking advice from outside of your relationship is healthy, directly involving others in your relationship is not. It can easily enhance tension, creating further issues in the relationship.

Avoiding therapy

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If you and your partner are struggling to move forward in your relationship, you may have considered couple’s therapy. Unfortunately, many women avoid this, as they are too proud to admit there is an issue. Relationships thrive with counseling, so avoiding it is a big mistake!

Being passive aggressive

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If you are annoyed or angry, you should feel comfortable speaking your mind in your relationship rather than being passive-aggressive. Passive aggression is exceptionally annoying to a partner and a sign of communication issues, with Greater Good emphasizing that it commonly leads to breakups.

Relationship comparison

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Every relationship is completely different, with both individuals and their circumstances being unique, so no two relationships are comparable. Unfortunately, many women make the common mistake of comparing their relationships to others. Avoid doing this, as it could put unnecessary expectations on yourself and your partner.

Not knowing your value

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In a relationship, you need to understand your value and what you bring to the table, yet women commonly do not realize their worth and settle for less than they deserve. This is a self-esteem issue that many women have, and in a worst-case scenario, it can lead to being stuck in a toxic relationship.

Lack of appreciation

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Meanwhile, some women are so confident in themselves that they find it difficult to appreciate what their partner brings to the relationship. Don’t be this woman–it comes across as self-centered and entitled, and your partner will feel hurt that their efforts are not appreciated.

Living in your masculine energy

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We ladies are highly independent, so it can be easy to adopt a more masculine energy when we’re single. This is great, but the Happy Partners Project advises leaning into your feminine energy more once in a relationship, as this will synergize wonderfully with your partner’s energy, helping to nurture a thriving relationship.

Lack of ambition

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Dating is a competitive market, but ambition will help you stand out. It makes you interesting and attractive while also giving you direction and purpose. If you find yourself lacking ambition, take some time to think—a relationship won’t survive if you don’t have your own goals!

Creating drama

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Some women love creating drama and thriving on the buzz of confrontation, with minor issues being blown out of proportion. This is a huge mistake, as drama becomes tiring quickly, so creating issues for no reason is a fast track to a relationship breakdown.

Committing too soon

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Women’s feelings progress quickly, with many finding themselves planning a future with a new partner after just a handful of dates. It takes a while for men to start thinking about this stuff, so maybe keep these thoughts to yourself for now, as they may scare him off!

Lack of self-care

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Once comfortable in a relationship, it’s easy to let standards slip. However, according to Arc Integrated, self-care should still be a priority. You should both still want to look good for each other and yourselves, ensuring you’re caring for your minds, bodies, and souls.

Hoping for someone to complete you

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In relationships, it is commonly said that the other person completes you, but such an expectation can be unhealthy. Making it someone else’s job to fulfill you is a huge burden on them, and you need to feel complete on your own.

Withholding physical affection

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Finally, physical affection is a major part of a relationship, and lacking it can send it spiraling. It’s a sign of emotional attachment and attraction, major elements of any intimate relationship. Ultimately, withholding physical affection means the needs of both yourself and your partner are not being met.

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