18 Common Behaviors That Will Make People Lose Respect for You

Think about it: Would you respect someone who takes credit for your work or blames you for something wrong they’ve done? There are personality traits and behaviors that will make people lose the reverence they have for you. Here are 18 you should set loose today.


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Lying is one of the quickest ways to lose someone who admires you a lot. It’s a sign of a lack of integrity. You show this person that you can’t be relied upon or confided in to provide truthful solutions, and the result is that this person never has a high opinion of you again.


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Cheating people will bring about feelings of wariness in them and everyone around you. You show that you don’t have regard for anyone, and you also disrespect everyone’s intellect—a disrespect that may be forgiven but will never be forgotten.

Disregarding Boundaries

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Stanford University shares that boundaries are put in place to “protect our well-being. They help us to build trust, safety, and respect in relationships.” When you set up boundaries, you tell others how you want to be respected. However, disrespecting others’ boundaries will make yours weaker, as it’s a sign you don’t exactly have value for them.

Being Disloyal

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Whether it’s to a romantic partner or a friend who’s gone through thick and thin with you, disloyalty is a stain on your character. You don’t just lose respect from the person you’re disloyal to. Others around you will be wary of this character flaw and will never give you enough reverence to deal with you or rely on you for anything.

Being Manipulative

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You can’t deceive everyone with your character forever. You should know that when you’re eventually found out to be manipulative to get the things you want, no one believes or respects anything you say or do again. It destroys the chances for open, healthy communication with you.

Taking Advantage of People

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When you take advantage of a person, you make that person feel weak and disrespected. It only shows that you’re a selfish person who will do anything to gain benefits, even if it means putting others in harm’s way. No one looks up to or wants to deal with someone like this.

Being Condescending Toward Others

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Verywell Mind says condescension inherently shows a lack of respect for others. When you treat people like they’re beneath you, people will look at you as someone who doesn’t value human dignity and will treat you in the same light.

Never Apologizing

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Apologizing takes a lot of courage and integrity—two traits that are extremely respected in both personal and professional environments. Never admitting the wrongs you do or apologizing for hurting others doesn’t protect your ego. You’re only telling others that they don’t need to be accountable to you too.

Taking Credit From Others

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A side effect of dishonesty is taking credit for the things other people do. Telling your boss you’re responsible for that high-performing ad campaign your colleague did may gain her respect. But your colleague and others who eventually find out will lose any admiration they have for you.

Not Having an Independent Mind

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Having opinions that only conform to what’s common with other people shows anyone looking up to you that you lack critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As Verywell Mind shares, a herd mentality can lead to dastardly consequences, and this person will be wary that you may lead them to doom.

Disregard for Others Feeling

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When you don’t have consideration for the feelings or time of others, they also lose the same level of consideration for you. You may do this without even knowing you’re causing others pain, and the persistence of this behavior will slowly drive their reverence for you down.


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Everyone talks about other people, and it’s fine. But when this is common with you, especially if it’s only bad things you have to say about others, then you show people you can’t be trusted. It’s even worse if you go around sharing secrets, as that’s a sign of a disregard for other people’s privacy.

Being Rude

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If you behave rudely toward other people, even the nicest person around will lose consideration for you. Rudeness, especially if it’s a consistent habit of yours, only tells people you don’t have respect for them, and, in turn, they also wouldn’t have respect for you.

Never Following Through

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Promising to meet a deadline or support someone at a trade fair without going through with your promise hurts deeply. It shows that you don’t have enough commitment to this person, which leads to disappointment, distrust, and the conclusion that you cannot be relied on.

Failing to Control Emotions

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A person who can’t control his or her emotions can’t be trusted enough to be in charge of people or situations. It’s a character flaw that keeps you from leadership roles. Forbes explains that at the heart of respectful expertise to handle interpersonal relationships are emotional intelligence and regulation.

Staying Judgmental

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Consistently judging people for their actions and inactions means you’re also inviting others to do the same to you. But that’s not all. It may also be a sign that you are close-minded about complex people or social situations. Others won’t see you as someone who will help them get out of unconventional problems.

Poor Etiquette

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A lack of etiquette can exclude you from your social circle. When you don’t have the behavioral traits considered respectable or normal by the people around you, they’ll rid you of certain social graces. For instance, they’ll stop inviting you to hangouts or special networking events so you don’t make others there uncomfortable.

Lacking Self-Awareness

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When you don’t understand your strengths and weaknesses, you don’t know where to set boundaries or how to react to the way others treat you. It’s a sign of a lack of self-respect that makes you do things people will judge you on. You subconsciously expose yourself to ridicule from others, and this will lead to disrespectful behavior towards you.

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