17 Common Characteristics of People Who Prefer to Be Alone

Being in solitude is not always a bad thing, and most often, some people prefer this to thriving in social settings. If you’ve ever met someone who prefers to be alone, you would recognize some of these personalities from these 17 valuable and common characteristics.

Enjoy Deep Reflection

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Those who prefer solitude embody certain characteristics, such as analyzing their experiences and feelings, deep reflection, and introspection on various things. They do this not as a means to get by in life but more so for personal growth as well as self-discovery.

Creative Thinkers

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Another common characteristic is that they are creative thinkers. Without distraction from others, they find it easier for their creativity to flourish. This can help spark innovative ideas and thoughts, which can help them explore new ways of doing things or new ideas to implement, offering a more deep-thinking space.

High Level of Focus

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Have you ever heard many life coaches or spiritual gurus talk about how meditation can increase focus? There is truth in that. Cultivating Health subscribes to this notion, saying that one of the main benefits of being in solitude or meditating is that it helps with improved attention, focus, and memory.

Value Independence

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People who prefer to be alone aren’t necessarily anti-social but they lean towards enjoying their own company because they may value their independence more than many others. They tend to rely on themselves more than others and show a sense of confidence in their abilities as well as self-sufficiency.

Highly Empathetic

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Interestingly, it is not the ones who are always around other people, but those who prefer to be alone, who possess high levels of empathy. This may be because they are deeply in touch with their emotions, which are heightened when around other people, so they seek to be alone to recharge from the emotional demands of others.

Seek Meaningful Relationships

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Deep and meaningful relationships are more important to those who prefer solitude over many relationships. This is mainly because, through deep contemplation, as they spend time by themselves, the idea of quality often triumphs over quantity. They may have a few friends, but they are quality friends.

Introverted Nature

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There is a vast difference between those who are introverts and those who are extroverts. Introverts are who we are talking about—people who tend to feel more comfortable either on their own or in small settings. Structural Learning reveals that extroverts love social interaction, stimulation, and excitement. Inversion is a common trait of those who like to be alone.

High Self-awareness

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Another personality trait of those who like to be alone is that of higher self-awareness. Spending time with themselves has a positive effect on their self-awareness and people understand themselves better. Things such as their desires, needs, and wants, or even their strengths and weaknesses, become clearer, helping them to navigate through life easier and more effectively.

Independent Learners

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The obvious thing for those who like to be alone is that they can do what they want to when they want to. This also includes learning and education. As a result of being alone and becoming more independent, the positive effect is that you get to learn, research, and read whatever you want on your own terms. No group discussions or timelines are necessary. Everything from hobbies to skills is included.

Value Personal Space

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For those who cherish the idea of finding some alone time, personal space becomes a thing of value. It becomes paramount for them to have emotional and physical boundaries from others, but not in a bad way; it just makes them feel more at peace and comfortable in their surroundings.


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It may sound obvious, but solitude helps to build resilience. When many are faced with challenges, they seek to find others to help them. Those who like to be alone, find a solution to a challenge within themselves, rather than reaching out to others for help. This builds resilience and helps them become better at problem-solving as well as coping with adversity.

Thoughtful Decision Makers

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Another common characteristic of those who prefer to be alone is that they are more deliberate when making decisions as opposed to being impulsive. Because they have fostered a habit of deep reflection, it comes in handy during a decision-making instance. They look at things from different angles first before acting.

Prefer Quiet Environments

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They also love some quiet time or being in quieter environments rather than noisy or loud ones. A serene environment for a solitary personality is bliss! HackSpirit points out that these people are more at ‘peace with their soul’. This type of environment also helps stimulate their creativity and relaxes them even further. Who doesn’t love some peace of mind?

Less Influenced by Peer Pressure

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Another common characteristic of a person who prefers solitude is their ability to be least affected by peer pressure. When you spend time alone, your beliefs and convictions are strengthened as a result. You are less likely to be influenced by the expectations and pressures of society.

Enjoy Simple Pleasures

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Who doesn’t love the simple pleasures of life? Those who enjoy solitude do! They find it much easier to find joy in the smallest and biggest things, which are often the things that many others overlook. Everything from sunsets to the beauty of nature and bird sounds is included. This really should be everyone’s thing.

Embrace Change

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Being more adaptable and embracing change also comes easily to those who like being in solitude. They aren’t phased or intimidated by change and see it as an opportunity for growth instead of something to be feared. Because of this, they are more open to whatever life throws at them, including new experiences.

Seek Personal Fulfillment

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They don’t look to others for validation outside of themselves and instead seek internal validation within themselves. Their focus is on their accomplishments and fulfillment, which means they are quite happy not being praised for or receiving recognition for external achievements.

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