10-Minute Organization Ideas

No matter how busy you are, these 10-minute organization ideas can turn a number of small, cluttered spaces into an organized win.

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Before you shake your head, give it a try. We’re willing to bet you can find a spot right now that could use ten minutes of attention, even if it brings just a hint of organization.

In fact, in less than ten minutes, we’ll share our best tips for putting your spare minutes to good use.

Don’t let a busy schedule get in the way of an organized home. These organization ideas can be completed in just ten minutes or less, and will make a big impact on your space.

Tackle one (or all!) of these tips today for a more streamlined life.

10-Minute Organization Ideas

Is your home feeling cluttered and chaotic? If you’re struggling to keep up with the mess, it’s time to get organized.

Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a few simple strategies, you can get your home clean and organized in no time. With these ideas, you can jumpstart your organization ideas super quick!

What is the 10-Minute Productivity Theory?

When we break down our day into small, ten-minute segments, tasks begin to seem more attainable. The theory is that we become much more focused and productive when we think in terms of shorter segments of time and smaller, more manageable tasks. 

Rather than compiling a long to-do list of endless errands and chores, break your day up into segments. When possible, break them down further by creating ten-minute segments. Suddenly, your anxiety begins to fade, and you can visualize checking more tasks off your list. 

Think about how much time we actually waste being unproductive each day. We even create wasted minutes wondering what needs to get done or what quick chore we can squeeze in before picking up the kids from school.

Now visualize all those small organizational tasks you can complete or get started on in just ten short minutes.

10-Minute Productivity Planners

If you haven’t heard of the 10-minute MoteMote Planners, it’s worth taking a look. They help you organize your day and hold yourself accountable for the tasks you schedule.

Not only are they offered in a variety of fun colors, but various options are available, including three-month planners (perfect for projects), or sections for date, time, and comments. 

You can easily plan ten-minute organization and decluttering tasks throughout your day in a productivity calendar. Utilize one to keep track of all your daily to-do’s, sprinkling in time to declutter your desk or organize the shoe rack.

Break Down Large Tasks

When you think in terms of ten-minute segments, your goal to declutter your home or office no longer seem unattainable. We suggest beginning your organization goals by creating a list of areas you want to organize. 

List each room you want to organize, then break the room into smaller areas. Within these areas, create small, 10-minute decluttering or organizing tasks.

Each ten-minute segment you achieve gets you closer to your overall organizational goals. 

Now that we’ve discussed the theory behind breaking down our tasks into bite-sized pieces, let’s talk about a few tasks that you should be able to complete in ten minutes or less.

10-Minute Cleaning Tasks

  • Wash the dishes in the sink
  • Vacuum and tidy the living room
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen
  • Throw out old food in your fridge
  • Empty the trash cans throughout the house
  • Fold a load of laundry
  • Make the beds
  • Find 3-5 items in your closet you can store or donate

10-Minute Organizing Tasks

  • Organize one drawer in your dresser
  • Organize a shelf in a storage closet or linen closet
  • Declutter your workspace
  • Declutter your bathroom counter
  • Organize a small section in your pantry
  • Draft a meal plan for the following week
  • Start your grocery shopping list
  • Declutter your pile of mail
  • Read, sort, and respond to emails

Rather than coming back to this blog post to reference these lists, download our free 10-Minute Tasks checklists.

Print them out, and laminate them for durability. Tape them inside a cabinet door or put them on the fridge with a magnet. Then, use a dry erase marker to mark off the tasks as you complete them.

Whether you squeeze in one ten-minute organization task a day or find time to fit in a few, you’ll feel great about the steps you’re taking to declutter and organize your space.

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