6 Tips to Organize Your Playroom

Do you feel like your playroom is constantly a mess? Check out these six tips to help you organize your playroom in no time!

Having an organized playroom will make it easier for you and your children to find what they need and keep the space clean.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy playing in your clean and tidy playroom in no time.

If you’re wondering how to organize a playroom, you’re not alone. The key is to create open space, age-appropriate storage, and easy to follow clean-up strategies.

Ideally, you want to keep it simple for younger children. If they’re able to reach it and understand it, then they’re able to help keep it organized!

Making things fun is also a fantastic way to encourage kids to clean up on their own.

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Organize Your Playroom

Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a clutter-free playroom in no time. And that means more fun for everyone!

1. Declutter the Toys

The first step to organizing your playroom is to declutter. There’s usually no need to hold onto everything currently in your playroom, as you’ll soon find out.

First, get rid of old or broken toys and games that are missing parts. Next, have your kids go through the remaining piles and declutter any toys and games they’ve outgrown or no longer play with. Lastly, have them help you select toys still in great condition that they can donate!

2.  Use Clear Bins for Toy Organization

Investing in clear storage bins is one of the best ideas for playrooms, especially for younger kids.  Using see-through containers helps them find what they’re looking for without dumping out piles around the room. It also makes cleanup a breeze when they can match like items.

Younger kids tend to struggle with lids, so tuck them away for later use. Organizing your playroom with open containers and baskets makes it quick and easy for them to grab what they want and clean up when they’re done.

3. Use Removable or Erasable Labels

Labels are ideal for any storage and organization needs. In the playroom, they help incorporate reading while encouraging organization. Using removable and erasable labels allows you to change them easily as the kids outgrow toys. 

Consider printing up images to add to your labels too. For pre-readers, they’ll learn to organize by matching like items. It’s a great way to make a cleanup game out of it as well!

4. Designate an Area for Favorite Toys

Creating a special spot for favorite or most used toys if helpful for younger kids. They are more likely to keep them well-organized knowing their favorites have a special home in the playroom.

Along with easy access, it gives them a sense of pride and responsibility to keep their treasured toys nice and tidy.

5. Store Messy Items Just Out of Reach

It’s smart to have separate, just out of reach storage areas for you messier playroom items. This may include art supplies such as paint, glue, beads, and non-washable markers.

As they get older, move the bins lower, but for now, you can avoid those extra oops moments by organizing messy items up high.

6. Play Cleanup Games!

Preschool teachers are masters at getting kids to clean up because they make it fun! There’s no reason you can’t do the same at home.

Create little games to play to teach them how, where, and when to clean up and organize their playroom. 

Feeling not-so-creative? Here are a few ideas to help you create fund cleanup games for your kids to keep their playroom tidy:

  • Color Match: Clean up by the color you call out first! This is particularly fun with Legos and other small items. It also helps younger kids learn their colors easily.
  • Race to Organization: A little race between siblings and friends is always fun. Use a stopwatch, phone timer, or even a favorite song to time the cleanup race. For some kiddos, the challenge is very motivating.
  • Goodnight, Toys: Create a ritual of putting the toys away as if it’s their bedtime. Children learn to careful with their playroom items rather than shoving everything carelessly into a bin. Younger kids in particular love the ritual of tucking them into their designated cubbies or putting dolls to bed for the night.

Just remember, keeping your playroom organized is possible with fun, age-appropriate strategies that give your kiddos a sense of responsibility!

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