19 Garage Sale Items That Might Be Worth More Than You Paid For Them

Garage sales are opportunities for you to find gems that hold some value that the owner has no idea about. If you’re thinking of what to look out for at the next sale you attend, one of these 19 items can be your best investment yet.

Antique Items

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Whether it’s a 100-year-old mirror, furniture, or plate, antiques are ordinarily high-value items. You should keep an eye out for them, as you can get them dirt cheap. Considering their age, it’s best you confirm they’re in good condition, scarce, and authentic before putting some money on them.


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Everyone’s going green, and UCLA says bicycles are perfect eco-friendly options for many to adopt. They even save everyone a lot of money along the way. If you find a well-maintained bicycle at a garage sale, you may have found a gem that you can flip for a quick profit.

Children’s Toys

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People don’t mind putting down some money on used toys, given how inconsistent children’s cravings can be. You can find one at a good price at a garage sale, or even spot a vintage collection you can sell for hundreds of dollars of profit.

College Textbooks

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Anyone selling college textbooks at a garage sale definitely doesn’t need them anymore and will sell them for extremely cheap. On the flip side, every college student will appreciate saving on textbooks. They would be more than happy to give you their money if it at least saves them from paying the full price.

Classic VHS Tapes

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VHS and the technology to use them have gone out of fashion and generally aren’t worth much. But when it comes to VHS classics like The Lion King, Back to the Future, and Aladdin, you have items that collectors will be drooling over, as USA Today shares. This is especially true if they are in good condition.

Designer Clothes

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Fast fashion apparel has a thriving second-hand or thrift market, and you can make yourself some bucks on the more popular brands. If you can find yourself a good deal on a Chanel or Louis Vuitton clothing item that’s still clean and in good condition, then flipping for profit shouldn’t be difficult.

Branded Sunglasses

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Like designer clothes, designer sunglasses can fetch you some good bucks in the resale market. If you find a piece from Ray-Ban, Vogue, or Vincent Chase at a good price, the only thing you have to worry about is its authenticity.

Luxury Handbags

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Designer handbags are so desirable that some of them retain their original value in the resale market, Fashionista reports. If you can find yourself a deal on a Telfar shopping bag or Loewe Paseo, you could get yourself hundreds or even over a thousand dollars in profits.


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Buying vintage jewelry at garage sales can fetch you good money, especially if it has minimal or no scratches. Now, find a piece from Cartier or Hobé that’s also rare or in demand, and you have yourself a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity.

Gym Equipment

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Many people don’t mind buying exercise equipment second-hand—there’s really no difference with buying expensive new ones. What you want to look out for at garage sales are dumbbells and mats going for considerably lower prices than their original prices. This way, you can offer your buyers marked-up second-hand prices they’re comfortable with.


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With vintage board games and video games, you can get yourself rare items that collectors will find valuable. The Gamer shares that some vintage video game finds can be bought for tens of dollars and flipped for hundreds or even thousands.


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Whether it’s vintage or just a modern piece, furniture at garage sales can also get you some money. Just make sure they’re of good functioning quality. If you have a piece with torn-down paint or coverings, giving it a refinish can help you easily increase its value for second-hand buyers.

Vintage Glassware

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Vintage glassware, especially bespoke pieces or pieces that were rare during their time, appeals to collectors. The good thing about them is that they are a common feature at garage sales, and all you have to think of is how enticing or nostalgic they can be for potential buyers.

Rare Books

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You can find yourself paying just $2 for a vintage, antique, or rare book and flipping it for tens of dollars to an avid reader or collector. To get the most value, keep an eye out for first editions, given how rare and in-demand they are, as Pan Macmillan explains.

Kitchen Appliances

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Your neighbor or anyone closeby may want to get rid of a kitchen appliance to accommodate bigger versions and it’s your cue to swoop in. They’ll typically sell for a relatively low price, and once you clean the appliance up, you can easily add some extra value to it for resale.

Sports Items

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From close to zero to tens or even hundreds of dollars, sports equipment is another good investment at a garage sale. Make sure you avoid equipment that’s been repaired or is currently in disrepair so your investment can appeal to future buyers. Giving it a facelift can fetch you even more money.

Vinyl Records

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Digital streaming platforms may have replaced vinyl, but you best believe it has not lost its appeal. These vintage legends aren’t just in demand from collectors or nostalgic Gen Xs. Fortune shows Gen Z is driving demand for them higher, and you can get a good deal on a vintage piece with an enthusiast.


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This is one set of items you want to be really careful about. They have some of the best ROI around, but finding the right piece to buy at a garage sale will be a struggle. Although landscape, dog, and abstract paintings have good resale value, you should do your own research to know what’s best.

Holiday Decorations

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If you find a garage sale during the off season and don’t mind holding items until it’s holiday time, then buying holiday decorations is an excellent decision. There is a thriving retail market for them, and you can sell a Christmas tree for considerably more during the yuletide.

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