10 Steps to Declutter your Home

If your home feels like it’s bursting at the seams, you’re not alone. It seems like everywhere you look, there are things to clutter up your space.

But don’t worry, we’ve got 10 steps to declutter your home and reclaim your living space! Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to a more organized home in no time.

You don’t need to hire a professional organizer to streamline your home. Instead, use these 10 simple steps:

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Why declutter your home 

The benefits of decluttering are many. A decluttered home can feel more spacious, be easier to clean, and help you relax.

When your home is free of clutter, you may also find that you have more time and energy for the things you love.

declutter your home

Are you ready to get started? Follow these decluttering tips to tidy up your home, once and for all!

Create a plan.

To get rid of clutter effectively, start by creating a plan. Before you start going through your things, make a list of what needs to be done.

Purge one category at a time.

Sort through your items one category at a time. Start with paper and books. Move on to clothing, toys, and books. Look through household goods (dishes, utensils) and appliances. Finally, sort and purge keepsakes that you can’t donate.

Toss broken or unwanted items.

Instead of trying to save everything, focus on the items you use on a regular basis. Don’t hang on to broken or worn-out items. If your home is very cluttered, focus on just one room at a time.

Devote an evening to each space instead of flitting from room to room. This will help make sure you’re able to stay on top of all the trash you’ll generate as you sort and purge.

Be selective with keepsakes.

We often form emotional attachments to things we don’t need or use. Really, though, our attachment is to the memory or the person behind the object.

But, doing this can lead to clutter and less space in our homes.

Instead of holding on to everything, celebrate the memory by sharing the stories behind the keepsakes.

Donate items you don’t use.

When sorting through your items, you’ll have to decide what to do with those items you don’t use on a regular basis but are still in good condition.

Do you know someone who could use the item? If so, set it aside for them. If not, put that item in a giveaway bag to donate.

Organize everything that’s left.

Now that you’ve purged and donated the things you don’t want or use, you should be left with those items that are the most meaningful for you.

If necessary, purchase shelving units or bookcases to store seasonal or not-often-used items.

Organize storage containers neatly.

Don’t just pile boxes haphazardly for the sake of saving space. Stack them so that you can get to boxes at the bottom of the stack without toppling them.

Use containers to organize electronics and important documents.

Too many electronic devices can make a room feel cluttered — but investing in the right containers and learning how to use them properly can help you keep everything organized.

Create a charging station where each electronic has its “home” when not being used.

Keep cords organized using binder clips or Velcro ties that are labeled for the device it belongs to.

Finally, file important papers in hanging file folders or 3-ring binders and store them in a filing cabinet close to your desk so you can quickly access them when needed.

Limit the decor in each room.

Do not crowd surfaces with decor. Instead, place only a few objects here and there for decorative purposes; everything else should be stored elsewhere.

Organize closets.

Hang dresses, blouses, and pants using hangers with shoulder supports — which will make getting ready each morning much easier!

The rest of your clothing can be organized by placing folded garments into plastic see-through storage boxes or shoe organizers that have been covered with a pretty fabric.

Thanks for reading! We hope these tips have helped you get started decluttering your home. If you have any additional tips to share, please leave them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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