17 Common Behaviors That Will Cause People to Lose Respect For You

Respect is a crucial element in all aspects of life, and when respect is lost, trust and communication can struggle to flourish. Respect can be lost just as quickly as it is gained, so avoid any of these 17 common behaviors that will cause people to lose respect for you.

Lacking honesty

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Occasional white lies are usually justifiable, but continuous lying is a major red flag. According to Verywell Mind, when honesty is lacking in a relationship, it can be very difficult for the other person to respect that. If you can’t be honest, there’s no foundation upon which to build respect–simple as that.

Bad manners

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Basic manners are taught as children, with Family Education estimating that manners are typically engrained by the age of six. Manners are at the very core of being a good person, so ignoring them is a sign of disrespect, and people will quickly lose respect for you in return.

Poor timekeeping

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There is nothing more irritating than someone who is always late. Of course, delays happen, but those who are notoriously late have no excuse. Poor timekeeping is a sign of being both unreliable and not respecting the other person’s time, so why would they respect yours?

Lack of eye contact

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Eye contact is a crucial element of communication as it not only helps convey the message but also builds a level of trust. There are a few valid reasons why people avoid eye contact, but generally, it will be interpreted as inconsiderate and disrespectful.


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Being unreliable is a fast track to disrespect. It is hard to maintain a relationship with someone who is unreliable, so if you constantly let people down, you will have a one-way ticket to disrespect. You can’t expect people to have respect for you if they can’t even rely on you.


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In the 21st century, most relationships are built on monogamy, so Psych Central points out that cheating is the leading cause of all relationship breakdowns. Cheating is incredibly dishonest and callous, so not only will your partner lose respect for you, but you will likely also be shunned by their friends and family.

Interrupting others

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When invested in a conversation, it can be hard to wait to get our word in, but it’s polite to do so. We do this out of respect for the other person, as interrupting others is plain rude. Do this a lot, and people will quickly lose respect for your voice.

Being inconsiderate

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While we are the main characters in our lives, there are another 7.8 billion people in the world who also matter. When someone is inconsiderate and doesn’t consider the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of other people, it showcases a lack of empathy. At this point, respect will disappear.

Spreading gossip

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We’re all guilty of gossiping with friends occasionally, but don’t get carried away. Some people actively seek out and spread gossip, making them seem like troublemakers who cannot be trusted. Naturally, they won’t be respected by the people around them, so keep the gossip to a minimum!

Disrespecting boundaries

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If someone communicates their boundaries with you, they are showing their vulnerability, and those boundaries should be respected. Regardless of what those boundaries concern, make sure you listen up, remember them, and respect them if you hope to receive it in return.

Blame shifting

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Something that unifies humans is that we all make mistakes; they’re completely normal and handy for learning and moving forward in life. This makes taking accountability for our actions incredibly important, so if you instead choose to shift the blame, you’ll be perceived as immature and disrespectful.

Lacking integrity

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Constantly deceiving people by minimizing your flaws and acting like someone you are not will not get you very far. While it may work in the short term, cracks will begin to show, and everyone will lose respect for you in no time. Just be true to yourself—it really is that simple.

Being judgemental

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While discussing the human act of judgment, Well Being Trust concluded that being judgmental towards others projects any insecurities we have about ourselves. It’s also disrespectful, so if you notice yourself judging a book by its cover, maybe take a moment to stop, think, and reflect before people lose respect for you.


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When your cup is always half-empty instead of half-full, people will slowly withdraw their respect from you. Your constant negativity will also cause them to push you away because life is meant to be enjoyed, and keeping positive is hard enough as it is without a negative Nancy bringing you down.


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Acting inconsistently around people can quickly diminish their respect for you, as you need to be fully in or fully out of a relationship. If your presence or interaction within a social group or relationship feels inconsistent, perhaps it’s time to take a step back because it’s reflecting negatively on you.


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Arrogance is an ugly trait that nobody respects, to put it bluntly. We can celebrate our success, but there is a fine line between sharing our achievements and showing off. Confidence is attractive, but arrogance is off-putting, and an exaggerated self-importance will deplete respect.

Using people

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Finally, any relationship should be mutually beneficial, an equal dance of give and take between two people. If you’re only taking, that’s not a real relationship–you’re just using somebody. Using people like this for your own gain is seriously messed up, and anyone who notices will have no problem with disrespecting you.

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