17 Best Cities in the United States (According to Americans)

Are you looking for the best city to vacation in or move to? Forget about how the blogs rate popular cities and hear from the mouths of Americans themselves. Here are the US’ top 17 cities based on YouGov’s popularity survey.

New York City, New York—60% Popularity

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New York City is so desirable and accommodating that Forbes ranks it as the most diverse city in all of America. If you want to know the real definition of a bustling metropolis, this is the best example. It has amazing, dynamic cuisines, personalities, consumer products, and art, making sure that there’s something for everyone.

Miami, Florida—56% Popularity

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Miami is a paradise for beach lovers who adore their food and enjoy the nightlife so much. With the Art Deco District as a backdrop, South Beach particularly offers the most pleasure, and the whole of Miami has tropical weather that complements the mix of culture you get to associate with daily.

Tampa, Florida—56% Popularity

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For Tampa, it’s the year-round subtropical climate and cheaper cost of living (compared to Miami) that count the most. Alongside an island dedicated to partying, there are awesome delicacies here, too—from passionately made cookie dough treats to poke bowls in pineapples. You also have beaches, beautiful kayak places, and multiple waterfront hangout spots to let the stress out.

Seattle, Washington—56% Popularity

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If you’re looking for the best career in tech, Seattle offers some of the finest opportunities you can get. It’s a city with lush forests, amazing waterfronts, and the picture-perfect San Juan Islands—a beautiful natural scenery you’d love to bask in. It isn’t called the Emerald City for nothing.

San Antonio, Texas—57% Popularity

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The year-round moderate weather is only San Antonio’s icing on the cake. It offers an affordable cost of living, multiple museums and art galleries to explore, and some of the best restaurants in all of America. The city is family-friendly too, with its low crime rate, array of universities to choose from, and unending amount of activities to engage in (thanks to its proximity to Austin, Houston, and Dallas).

Dallas, Texas—57% Popularity

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For those particularly intrigued by the cowboy culture and lifestyle, Dallas is your place to be. Its amazingly diverse population from around the world enjoys the great Tex-Mex cuisines, bustling arts scene, and unlimited economic opportunities the city has to offer.

Memphis, Tennessee—57% Popularity

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Memphis has a thriving music scene, with many describing it as the home of blues and the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll. There’s excellent weather for running and biking all year round, and Memphis has also been a perfect subtropical metropolis for families and retirees to move to, according to USA News.

Phoenix, Arizona—57% Popularity

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The cost of living in Phoenix has spiraled out of control from what it once was. Nonetheless, residents still get to enjoy warm weather alongside great economic opportunities, a vibrant downtown, beautiful desserts, resorts, and golf courses that round up Phoenix’s appeal.

Boston, Massachusetts—58% Popularity

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In Boston, there are sports, education, and a rich culture to explore. Life is so good here that US News and World Report ranks it as the city with the sixth-highest quality of life in the US. It has one of the lowest crime rates around and also boasts a rich cultural, musical, and food heritage.

San Francisco, California—59% Popularity

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In addition to getting to see popular places like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz every day, San Francisco residents also have an endless list of outdoor activities to enjoy. Cuisines here are almost unmatchable anywhere else, thanks to the Michelin-starred restaurants and amazing food trucks that are spread across its streets.

New Orleans, Louisiana—59% Popularity

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Residents of New Orleans live in a world of their own. They have unique Yat accents, enjoy amazing Creole cuisines, and celebrate the year with festivals like the Mardi Gras, Bayou Boogaloo, and French Quarter Festival. There’s also a bustling nightlife that gets people going.

Charlotte, North Carolina—59% Popularity

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Charlotte merges Southern charm with modern sophistication in food, architecture, and culture. It has a dynamic job market, is a great spot for sports fans, and is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in America. Also, as Business Insider shares, “the Charlotte region is acclaimed for its annual festivals and unique conventions.”

Colorado Springs, Colorado—60% Popularity

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In Colorado Springs, there’s so much to do outdoors. There’s the Garden of the Gods—a paradise for mountain bikers and hikers—as well as the Cheyenne zoo, Pioneers Museum, and caves to explore at the Winds Mountain Park. The US Olympic & Paralympic Training Center is also situated here.

Las Vegas, Nevada—60% Popularity

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Las Vegas is a state-tax haven for its residents, and this sole benefit has kept everyone happy over the years. There are exotic nightclubs and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip to get thrills at, and the restaurants in the city are as world-class as they need to be for its bustling tourist population.

San Diego, California—61% Popularity

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This city in the south of California is popular for its year-round, mild Mediterranean climate. Its weather is perfect for the extensive number of beaches, amazing cuisines, and breathtaking sunset views residents get to relax with. It’s also a fast-growing location for healthcare and biotechnology innovations.

Denver, Colorado—62% Popularity

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Combining Denver’s world-class museums with the city’s breathtaking landscapes and skylines is enough to keep residents fulfilled with life. Perhaps one of the most enticing parts of it is the diversity of jobs you can thrive in, whether you have an interest in biodiversity, healthcare, hospitality, or finance. Business Insider also shares that there are amazing schooling options, low crime rates, diverse culinary locations, and an intense sporting culture to go with it.

Nashville, Tennessee—62% Popularity

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The best US city, according to Americans, is Nashville, the capital and most populous city in Tennessee. As a job seeker and/or business owner, you enjoy one of the strongest and fastest-growing economies for you to thrive in. This also comes with thriving music, culinary, healthcare, and sporting scenes that give Nashville’s residents an amazing quality of life.

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