22 Vintage Toys Worth a Fortune You Didn’t Know About

Remember those beloved childhood toys that brought us endless joy? Well, this article may interest you because these toys could be worth a fortune now. In this post, we’ve put together a list of 22 vintage children’s toys that might command a hefty price if sold in good condition.

Polly Pocket

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Remember these little beauties? Yes, those tiny dolls in their miniature homes weren’t just adorable playthings; they were investments. Polly Pocket might just be your pocket-sized golden ticket to the big bucks today so if you remember your kids playing with these, time to try and dig them out.


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Your childhood electronic fur-friend, Furby, is now a treasure trove. This adorable toy used to be all the rage, but now, original Furbies from 1998, especially rare or limited editions, could be your very own furry little nest egg. Talk about a chatty little lottery ticket.


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Our first digital pets, the Tamagotchi, taught us about responsibility…and the heartache of virtual pet death. I remember carrying around my Tamagotchi everywhere I went. Luckily, their potential value today is very much alive and thriving and so if you do have one hiding away in a drawer, take it out and see if it comes back to life.

Original Barbie Dolls

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Think about swapping those playdates with tea parties for some serious cash. I was never much into dolls but my mother did buy me a Barbie or two. Although my Barbies are long gone, early versions of Barbie, especially mint-condition models from the ‘50s and ‘60s, are making a splash in the vintage toy market.


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Remember when that little clown would pop up and scare us? The Jack-in-the-Box definitely seemed like more of an American thing than a worldwide phenomenon but there’s good news: vintage Jack-in-the-boxes can be worth a lot of money today and some sell on eBay from anywhere between $50 and $800.


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Did you know that LEGO is an abbreviation from the words ‘Leg Godt’ which means ‘play well’ in Danish? Well, no need to tread on them this time! Your old LEGO sets, particularly complete, boxed collections, could be worth their weight in plastic gold. Now, wasn’t the pain of stepping on those tiny bricks worth it?

Rubik’s Cube

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That multicolored, maddening puzzle that had us twisting and turning for hours on end, a vintage Rubik’s Cube can now fetch a tidy sum. Turns out, your childhood frustration might just pay off!

Hot Wheels

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My brother was very much into toy cars in the early 80s, but he never actually owned any Hot Wheels. Those little cars that raced around your childhood home could be worth a nice chunk of cash now. Classic Hot Wheels, especially Redlines from the late ’60s, are revving up the collectors’ market. A 1968 Beatnik Bandit has been valued at $5000, so double-check those attics, will you?


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Lite-Brite, the pre-digital “screen” that illuminated your artistic pursuits, may now light up your wallet. Well-preserved sets from the 1960s are hot on the collectors’ market. Remember, each of those little pegs is a potential dollar sign.

My Little Pony

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I remember having a huge collection of My Little Ponies and I’ll never forget giving one of them away to a friend. When I visited her again, she’d given the toy to her dog! Let’s just say we never spoke again, but if you have one of these My Little Pony figurines, especially in mint condition, take them to auction because they could be worth a lot of money.

G.I. Joe Action Figures

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“Knowing is half the battle,” and now we know that holding onto those G.I. Joe action figures was a wise move. Your old plastic soldiers could enlist a pretty penny on the collectors’ market.

Cabbage Patch Kids

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These chubby-cheeked dolls from your past can now cultivate a wealth crop for you. Particularly the signed, original Cabbage Patch Kids from the early ‘80s. Harvest time has never been so potentially profitable!

Transformer Action Figures

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Remember transforming your Optimus Prime between robot and semi-truck? These Transformer toys might just transform your finances now as they can fetch up to thousands of dollars. Furthermore, Transformers toys are still being made and are a very popular collectors item, so it’s never too late to invest in these incredible toys.

Star Wars Action Figures

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If you’ve got vintage Star Wars figures, it’s like Obi-Wan said: “You’ve taken your first step into a larger world.” That world could be filled with dollars instead of galaxies far, far away! A recent Star Wars toy collection fetched over $350,000 at auction so it’s definitely worth going through your attic for this one.

Classic Nintendo Games

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Your countless hours spent saving princesses might not have been in vain. Those old NES cartridges, especially rare titles, could save your financial day. Now, wasn’t every Goomba squashed worth it?

Pokémon Cards

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If you’ve been sitting on a deck of Pokémon cards, you could be the ultimate Pokémon master of cashing in. Apparently, Pikachu is worth more in dollars than in battles!

Original Monopoly Game

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Pass ‘Go’ and collect $200? More like pass ‘Go’ and collect a tidy sum! Vintage Monopoly games, especially those pre-war editions, are much coveted by collectors. So, that old box gathering dust in your cupboard could be your next jackpot!


Photo Credit: Alena A/Shutterstock

These quirky spirals could fetch you a pretty penny now. Vintage Slinkys are considered collectibles. Your childhood toy could finance your next vacation; isn’t that a fun twist?

Vintage Super Soakers

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Your summertime weapon of choice may now soak your pockets with riches. The original Super Soakers, particularly larger models from the ‘90s, are making a splash in the collectors’ market.

Power Rangers

Photo Credit: Aisyaqilumaranas/Shutterstock

Go, go, Power Rangers—straight to the bank! Particularly if you’ve got figures from the ’90s original run. Those mighty morphin’ memories could morph into a mighty financial windfall.

Original Beanie Babies

Photo Credit: The Image Party/Shutterstock

Do you remember the Beanie Babies craze? It’s crazy to think just how much one of these could be worth now. If you’ve got rare ones like Princess Diana or Patti the Platypus, you’ve hit the Beanie jackpot.

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