20 Countries That Love Americans

The world has a love/hate relationship with Americans, and just like we have certain prejudices about other countries, they also have them towards us. However, some countries just love Americans, such as these 20 countries that welcome us with open arms.

South Korea

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Thanks to 70 years of positive political relations, South Korea is extremely fond of the US. South Koreans share many values with the US population, with older South Koreans appreciating past military support and the younger generation appreciating US pop culture.


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According to Pew Research, Poland loves Americans the most, with 93% of the population favoring US nationals. The country happily welcomes American visitors, and they particularly enjoy American culture. The country is also one of the most stable allies of the United States.


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With the US home to the second-largest Jewish population, it is no surprise that Israel loves Americans. Just 12% of Israelis have unfavorable opinions of the country, which is only slightly more than Poland. The US also provides Israel with financial, military, and political support, which Israelis appreciate.


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Nigeria is an incredibly welcoming country that is delighted to receive visitors, but it is particularly proud to welcome Americans. Nigerians love the US and admire the country as a land of opportunities, which is reflected in their kind attitudes towards the country’s nationals. The two countries have a truly endearing relationship.


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Despite many major cultural differences, Japanese people love Americans. The two countries have a long history, with strong diplomatic relations dating back to 1952. However, these days, the countries hold even more mutual respect for each other due to their impressive pop cultures, both of which are adored worldwide.


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Kenyan approval of Americans is incredibly high, and the country loves interacting with the US population. The two countries have a great mutual import trade, with the US being one of the top three destinations for receiving Kenyan exports. Meanwhile, Kenya sources a large quantity of its favorite imports from the US.


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More than two-thirds of the Indian population is favorable towards Americans, thanks to our good social skills and friendly greetings, and the feeling is mutual. The Carnegie Endowment revealed that Indians are the second-largest immigrant group in the US, so it’s no surprise that the countries have such favorable opinions of each other.


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The vast majority of Brazilians love Americans, seeing them as trendy and well-educated and viewing the US as the perfect country. There’s history between us, too, though; Brazil and the US also had a mutually beneficial relationship after Brazil was the only South American country to send troops to Europe in World War II.


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Thanks to their shared borders, Mexicans love the US and appreciate the opportunities available there. The US has a large population of Mexican immigrants, and Mexico also relies heavily on the US for support of the tourism industry, so the two countries have the perfect win-win relationship.


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If you’ve ever visited New York, you won’t be surprised to hear that Italians love the US. However, Italian heritage and culture aren’t just found in the Big Apple; the United Census Bureau estimates that a staggering 17.8 million Americans are of Italian descent, leading to Italians respecting Americans as friends.

United Kingdom

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The US and the UK share many similar values and cultural traits, and they are great friends. Many Brits see Americans as their happy-go-lucky counterparts across the pond, while we see them as our charmingly grumpy and sarcastic older siblings. We also rely heavily on each other for trade and political support.

South Africa

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The majority of South Africans have never traveled to the US, so most of what they know comes from television and the internet. There’s nothing wrong with that, though–it leaves South Africans focused on the positives of US culture, with our hip-hop music being a firm favorite.

The Netherlands

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If you close your eyes when speaking English to a Dutch person, it is hard to believe they are not American. US culture is huge in the Netherlands, and the Dutch spent their childhoods growing up watching American television. Thanks to this integration of US culture into their own, the Netherlands really likes Americans.


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In a 2021 study, the Council of Foreign Affairs found that 7 in 10 Germans see their relations with the US very positively. Germans value the American lifestyle, although there’s no denying that one country is significantly more outgoing than the other!


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Greeks have particularly positive feelings towards Americans; in fact, over 3 million Americans are of Greek descent. While Greeks can have varying opinions on Americans depending on the age bracket you question, Greece has been culturally dominated by the US, and the general consensus is that Americans are cool.


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Americans are consistently well-liked in Indonesia, and the two countries have great relations. The countries have the trait of open friendliness in common, creating a favorable relationship between the two sides. The Indonesian economy also relies heavily on the US, so they actively welcome American tourists.


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Swedes and Americans get on extremely well, with Swedish pop culture being adored in the US and vice versa! Whilst Swedes often view Americans as intimidatingly outgoing, once the ice is broken, it’s only a matter of time before a Yankee and a Swede become best buddies!


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Most of their interaction with Americans is through tourism or television, but Spanish people view Americans as friendly and open to experiencing their culture. This is quite refreshing to Spanish people, who often express boredom after decades of being inundated with British tourists.


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Australians have a healthy view of Americans, and the two nations typically get along great. Not only do their people mix well, but the two countries share a lot of the same culture, which has developed a great bond. Each country romanticizes the other, which we think is pretty adorable.

The Philippines

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Last on our list, World Population Review discovered that The Philippines ranks very highly for its love of Americans. A staggering 78% of Filipinos said they liked Americans, while 57% admired the country’s democratic ideas. Who knows–perhaps we will see even closer relations between the two countries in the future.