19 Items You Should Throw Away Right Now

We can all be guilty of being hoarders at times. If you spend time looking through your home, you’ll likely find stuff you no longer use or need. Here are 19 things you need to throw out of your home as soon as possible.

Old Prescription Glasses

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According to Recycle, some recycling centers will accept old glasses; otherwise, you can ask your optician if they collect them. As our sight is constantly changing, we can go through so many different glasses, so it’s important to know how to correctly dispose of them.

Old Makeup and Skincare Products

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If you have any dated makeup or skincare products, it’s probably best to get rid of them. Using older products can actually cause irritation to your skin. It’s best to keep a record of when you purchase certain products so you know when it’s time to throw them out to prevent any skin issues.

Foods That Have Expired

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There’s a reason why food has an expiration date, to protect you from any harm it may cause. You may look at the item and think it’s still okay to consume it, but if it’s past its expiration date, it’s best to avoid it and throw it out.

Unused or Broken Electronics

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You should never use any broken electronics, as they can be extremely dangerous. Always throw out broken electronics and recycle them if possible to have a positive impact on the environment. Also, any unused electronics could be donated so others can make good use of them.

Outdated Newspapers

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News is constantly changing, and yesterday’s news is no longer important. Getting rid of any old newspapers or magazines can help declutter your home of any mess. You can even contribute to the environmental efforts by recycling them or using them in other ways. For example, they can be useful for crafts or home projects.

Worn-Out Bedding and Towels

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Throwing out old, worn-out bedding and towels and replacing them with new, fresh ones is very important. Southern Living advises you’ll know when they need replacing because they may be scratchy, have an odor, are no longer absorbent, or could be fraying at the edges.

Clothing You Haven’t Worn in a Year

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If you take a look in your wardrobe and there are clothing items you haven’t worn in the last year, then the likelihood is you won’t ever wear them again. Instead, you should donate them to a charity shop so someone can make good use of them.

Old Paints and Chemicals

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If you haven’t completed any DIY for a while, then it could be likely that your workshop has some old paint or chemicals hanging around in it. This can be extremely hazardous, and it’s always advised to throw them out. Make sure you dispose of them correctly and safely.

Unused Fitness Equipment

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Fitness equipment often takes up a lot of room in your home, and if it’s not being used, then it’s wasted space. By clearing out your fitness equipment, you may be surprised at the extra space you get. You may even be able to sell the items and get a bit of extra cash for them.

Worn-Out Shoes

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Old shoes don’t just look unsightly, but they can have a negative impact on your health. Foot health is very important, and wearing worn-out shoes can increase your chances of getting blisters and bunions. It’s best to throw them out and purchase some new ones for your health and your look.

Expired Medications

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It’s very important to keep track of any medication expiration dates. Using any medication that is already out of date can be less effective, but it also increases the chances of toxicity. Pfizer advises, “For unused or expired medications, local collection programs can provide a safe disposal method that protects public health and the environment.”

Out-of-Date Maps and Travel Guides

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Using any maps or travel guides that are out of date won’t serve you. You don’t want to be exploring a new town or national park and get lost because the roads have changed. Throw them out to avoid this happening and purchase up-to-date versions or use a digital map instead.

Pet Toys That Are No Longer Safe

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We love to buy our pets toys, as we know how much enjoyment it brings them. When purchasing, we always make sure they’ll be safe for them to use. However, sometimes, after our pets have used them for a while, they can be unsafe. They may have ripped them apart, which can be a choking hazard.

Holiday Decorations That Are Broken or Unused

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When it comes to storing holiday decorations, you only want to keep the ones you use that aren’t broken. Considering they only come out for a few weeks each year, they take up so much storage, so there’s no point in keeping unwanted ones.

Old Spices and Herbs

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Keeping hold of old spices and herbs may seem like a good idea financially so you don’t have to replace them, but you’ll regret it when you come to taste your food. Spices and herbs can lose their flavor over time, so it’s best to replace them with fresh ones. Healthline states that herbs and spices generally live for 1–4 years.

Dated Technological Accessories

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When there are updates in technology, there are usually updates in their accessories. Often, old chargers and cables don’t work on the newest items, but we tend to store them just in case. This is taking up wasted space, and you’re better off throwing them out to prevent clutter.

Children’s Toys That Are No Longer Used

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Children often grow out of their toys. They can become bored of playing with them and want the newest toy available instead. When this happens, it’s best to throw them out so they don’t take up space. Think about donating them to poorer families who can’t afford to buy toys for their children.

Unnecessary Paperwork and Old Receipts

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Storing important paperwork and receipts at a certain time can be very important. But as time passes, they no longer have any use and often sit there, taking up filing space. You’ll want to shred these first and then Shoeboxed advises, “To properly dispose of your shredded paper, check with your local recycling facility to see if they accept shredded paper.”

Overdue Library Books

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You should always return library books on time, but if you find them overdue, then it’s even more important to do it immediately, as you’ll likely face a fine for not returning them on time. Also, it allows someone else in your community to benefit from the book.