19 Grocery Items You Should Always Buy At Dollar Tree

As America’s favorite budget superstore, Dollar Tree is the ultimate place to grab a bargain, but it isn’t the first grocery shopping destination that comes to mind. However, if you want to save more cash, consider the following 19 grocery items you should always buy at Dollar Tree.

Breakfast cereal

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Instead of the huge boxes of cereal you’ll see in stores, Dollar Tree sells much smaller bags of cereal, which can be really beneficial to families. They allow you to try out a new cereal with less waste, stock up on more variety for cheaper, and even save space on the shelf!


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Oatmeal is a nutritious, affordable breakfast that is comforting, wholesome, and delicious. It’s also highly versatile, as you can spice it up with different flavors. Whether you’re searching for a bag of rolled oats or a box of instant oatmeal, you’ll likely find it cheaper at Dollar Tree.

Baking mixes

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While there is no substitute for bakes made from scratch, sometimes we just don’t have the time and energy. Baking mixes take out all the hard work of baking with the bonus of saving money on ingredients. For the most budget-friendly box bakes, head to Dollar Tree for a wide variety.


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Drive Research estimates that the global population drinks 2.25 billion cups of coffee daily, yet so many people waste money on takeout coffee. Save yourself money by buying coffee products at Dollar Tree instead; whether you use coffee pods or instant, you’ll find it at a fair price.

Canned beans

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Often sold in multipacks, canned beans come with a bargain price tag at Dollar Tree. Not only are beans filling and nutritious, but they are also highly affordable, so this is one of the cheapest items on this list. Beans are also perfect at making meals stretch further, so they’re a budget essential.


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No matter what your favorite condiment is, you can probably find it at Dollar Tree. From ketchup and mustard to hot sauce and BBQ, Dollar Tree stocks a wide range of condiments at a great price. It also stocks condiments from across the globe, so you may find something a little different.

Ice cream

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For the lowest-cost ice cream on the market, Dollar Tree has you covered with a great selection. This way, you can easily enjoy a sweet treat on a budget, regardless of whether you prefer modern favorites such as strawberry cheesecake and cookies and cream, or classics such as vanilla and chocolate.

Cornbread muffins

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Cornbread is relatively easy to whip up at short notice, but if you require more convenience, Dollar Tree’s cornbread muffins are a real time and money saver. Individually wrapped, they can be kept fresh in the pantry for a long time, and best of all, they come in multiple flavors!


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The single-serve pots of ramen sold at Dollar Tree are great to stock up on for quick and easy lunches, and there are so many varieties available! Ready to eat in minutes, these pots are also great for lunch on the go and fit perfectly in your work bag. What’s not to like?!

Spices and seasonings

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Spices and seasonings are always more affordable at Dollar Tree, and their taste is just the same. You can pick up a diverse range, including the most obscure, and they’re all just $1.25. You can even pick up great special blends, such as gourmet burger seasoning and cilantro lime.

Chicken broth

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According to Healthline, chicken broth is highly nutritious and a great addition to any diet, but these benefits come with a premium price tag when you buy from big brands. Save your hard-earned cash without compromising on quality, and get your chicken broth from Dollar Tree.

Frozen vegetables

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The frozen aisle of Dollar Tree sells a wide selection of frozen vegetables for a great price tag. Not only are these cheaper than in other stores, but buying frozen veg will also ensure they never go rotten in a hurry, unlike fresh produce.

Microwave rice

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After a long day at work, we want a quick dinner. Microwave rice is incredible for efficiency on a weeknight and great to have stocked up in the pantry, but you do pay extra for the convenience over regular rice. However, you can still grab a bargain at $1.25 from Dollar Tree.

Koe Kombucha

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As soon as Koe Kombucha hits the shelves of Dollar Tree, it leaves just as quickly. However, Koe is at least twice the price at both grocery stores and on Amazon when compared to Dollar Tree! If you keep coming back to Koe, be sure to stock up on the cheap whenever it appears.

To-go lattes

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A to-go drink is a priceless treat, but while coffee shops such as Starbucks may hit the spot, those daily to-go lattes really add up, as Statista calculated. Dollar Tree sells a selection of to-go lattes for a fraction of the price, so do your wallet a favor and prepare these in advance!


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Believe it or not, loaves that cost an average of $4-6 at major grocery stores can be grabbed for just $1.25 at Dollar Tree! This isn’t just unknown brands – Dollar Tree sells many name-brand loaves, as well as bagels and English muffins. Why not stock up and store some bread in your freezer?

Coffee creamer

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Dollar Tree sells coffee creamer for a third of the price of major grocery stores. The nation’s favorite Coffee Mate is sold there while single-serving sized Splenda Coffee Creamer packets are also available. There really is no excuse for overspending on the big brands!

Drink mixes

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Flavored water is huge right now, and you can pick up countless drink mixes for a steal at Dollar Tree. From Skittles and Nerds to Sunkist and Hawaiian Punch flavors, Dollar Tree sells them all, and of course, they’re only $1.25. At that price, you can afford to try them all!


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The price of eggs has soared recently, but you can get a great deal on 6 to 18 counts at Dollar Tree. Simplistically Living notes that after disappearing from Dollar Tree shelves for a while, eggs are slowly reappearing. There is no greater deal in Dollar Tree than 18 eggs for $1.25!

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