19 Countries That Are So Cheap You Could Quit Your Job

The never-ending struggle to find the perfect work-life balance means finances play a major role in where we live. Destinations across the world vary massively in their affordability to people who earn dollars, so check out these 19 countries that are so cheap that you could quit your job!


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With the cost of living also being half of what it is in the US, Uruguay is a top competitor for a cheap destination to relocate to. Boasting almost 400 miles of coastline and a subtropical climate, Uruguay is perfect for retirees or those looking for a slower pace of life at a lower cost.

Sri Lanka

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One of the world’s most underrated destinations, Sri Lanka, holds stacks of appeal, and affordability is one of the main contributors. With living costs 53.9% lower than the US, Sri Lanka is a great destination to relocate to and save some money.


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In an analysis of 50 countries, GOBankingRates found Jamaica to be the cheapest destination for its cost of living. Everything is so much cheaper in Jamaica, from rent to eating out. Childcare is also extremely reasonable, making Jamaica an excellent choice for young families to relocate to.


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Don’t let Paris’s inflated prices fool you; the rest of France is extremely affordable. In the heart of the French countryside, you could easily purchase an exquisite French chateau and acres of land for the price of a basic family home in the US.


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Famous for being a gambling mecca, its diving sites, and its popular filming locations, it’s easy to believe that Malta would be an expensive destination to live in. However, this tiny island is actually very affordable and is amongst the most inexpensive destinations in Europe.


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For a real estate bargain, look no further than Ecuador. This breathtaking country offers housing for a fraction of the cost in the US and is, therefore, a firm favorite with those wanting to escape the rat race. Expats can enjoy a more favorable cost of living alongside diverse landscapes with breathtaking scenery.


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Based on data from Numbeo, Portugal has the lowest living costs in all of Western Europe. A magnificent country famed for its beautiful culture and stunning beaches, Portugal is overflowing with appeal. It also averages a 22% lower monthly living cost than most Western European countries.


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Due to an incredible cost of living and desirable lifestyle, Bali is now home to one of the world’s largest expat communities. People flock to Bali to enjoy a slower pace of life, better living conditions, and lower costs. Here, you’ll find the most luxurious lifestyles for far cheaper than you would anywhere else.

The Philippines

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A beautiful retirement location, the Philippines is home to over 7,000 islands with white sand beaches that stretch for miles. It also boasts highly affordable healthcare options and reasonable real estate prices. You could enjoy a decent lifestyle here at a third of the cost of Western countries!


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With the cost of living a quarter of what it is in the US, it’s no surprise that expats are flocking to this South American country. With its rich history, stunning coastline, vibrant music scene, and biodiversity, Colombia is a highly affordable and desirable relocation destination on the South American continent.


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Mexico is an excellent choice for a cheap relocation spot, with International Living explaining that it’s particularly popular among Americans due to its proximity to the states. Here, you can enjoy a far more affordable life while grabbing great real estate for less than $150,000 in desirable neighborhoods!

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica has a large American expat community. It is just a short flight from the US and offers a great cost of living. Its affordable and high-quality medical care is particularly notable, with legal residents being entitled to use the government’s healthcare system.


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Panama has a reputation as one of the world’s best and cheapest retirement destinations, offering great value for money and incredible scenery. With sunshine, ocean views, and glamorous city life, is there really anything else you could ask for from such an affordable country?

United Arab Emirates

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While the UAE is not typically considered an affordable location, the country is more than just Dubai, and considering its zero-tax policy makes it far more appealing. Here, you could receive a similar salary as you would in the US, but the country’s low cost of living would provide a far better work-life balance.


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Another Middle Eastern option is Bahrain, which is an excellent choice for affordability. Bahrain boasts no taxes, just like the UAE, and hosts very affordable housing options, as Expatistan highlights. This means that it is easy to move to Bahrain on a budget while still maintaining a lavish lifestyle.


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With an average cost of living of just $379 per month, Nepal is a destination of incredible affordability, with the cost of living being 2.58 times less expensive than the world average. This would mean you could quit your job or retire early without taking a significant dent in your savings.


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One of the most culturally vibrant countries on the planet, India is a vast country that offers immense versatility and cultural diversity. It’s also fantastic value for money with low prices and budget-friendly housing, and it is frequently voted as ‘the cheapest place to live in the world.’


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While Egypt has a great overall cost of living, its housing is the best part. Identified as the second cheapest place to live in 2023, the average rent in Egypt was a staggering 85% lower than in the US. Can you imagine how much of your salary you would save living here!?


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Last but not least, World Population Review reports that Pakistan was the cheapest place to live in the world in 2023. With the cost of living 76.7% less than in the US, you could easily enjoy a great lifestyle in Pakistan for a quarter of what you would pay in the States. It’s certainly tempting!

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