18 U.S. Cities with Affordable Housing Under $250K

When relocating to a new city, one of the main factors we always consider is the price of a home. This is especially the case for first-time buyers. Here are the 18 best U.S. cities to buy a house in for under $250,000.

Hampton, Virginia

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If you want affordable housing close to the coast, then the best option is Hampton, Virginia. For example, Wallet Investor says the average house price in the city was $190,945 in February 2024. The city is also rich in history, with plenty of museums and cultural experiences.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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The median home value in Cedar Rapids is $187,941, with plenty of options for anyone’s needs. This is supported by Realtor, which writes, “Cedar Rapids has affordable condo/townhomes, affordable multi-families, and affordable 1 bedroom listings.” The city has a unique blend of urban and suburban living, so amenities are always close.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

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The average price of a home in Fort Wayne comes in at $195,509. The city also has a high livability score, which may be due to its low unemployment rates and a balanced cost of living. It also has a low crime rate, making it a great city to relocate to for families.

Joliet, Illinois

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Home values in Joliet have a median value of $205,688. The city also has a strong average for household income, which comes in at $77,373. It’s also a highly accessible town due to being close to Chicago, making it a great option for a person looking to commute to the bigger city.

Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Zillow tells us the average home price in Green Bay is $231,689. The city has a high livability score thanks to its community and tight-knit feel. It’s not just for Packers fans; it also has many economic opportunities thanks to its low unemployment rate of 2.1%.

Lynchburg, Virginia

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The average price of a home in Lynchburg is $216,265. The city is not only rich in history, but it also has affordable housing options, a high quality of life, and great community services.

Des Moines, Iowa

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Des Moines is seen as a Midwest gem thanks to its low cost to purchase a home. Even though it’s the capital of Iowa, the median house price is still low at $179,879. It has a low unemployment rate of 2.8%, offering plenty of economic opportunities for anyone looking to relocate.

Norman, Oklahoma

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Norman is home to the University of Oklahoma, making it a great city to move to for studying. The average price for a home in Norman comes in at $227,192. The city also has a high livability score thanks to its community feel and recreational activities available.

Tyler, Texas

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The median home value in Tyler is $222,562. It’s famous for its rose gardens and also has a steady job market thanks to its unemployment rate of 3.3%. It’s hard to be bored in Tyler thanks to its numerous events, such as cultural festivals that celebrate the city’s heritage.

Amarillo, Texas

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Redfin writes, “In January 2024, Amarillo home prices were up 1.7% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $214K.” Not only does the city have a low average house cost, but it also has some beautiful landscapes and a great quality of life.

Abilene, Texas

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This family-friendly location has a median home value of $174,950. It’s also home to several universities, making it a great option for those looking to study or families thinking ahead. The city likes to host many community events, with lots of outdoor activities and a focus on the arts.

Longview, Texas

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Longview is known for its growing economy thanks to the average home value of $200,386 and its strong job market. With a great community feel, it’s the perfect city to relocate to if you’re after some natural beauty, thanks to its lakes and forests.

Pensacola, Florida

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Pensacola offers coastal living with a low average house price. The median price for a home is $234,795, and the cost of living is also relatively low. For example, Rent Cafe writes, “The cost of living in Pensacola, FL, is 6% lower than the state average and 5% lower than the national average.”

Flint, Michigan

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With efforts to try and revitalize Flint, house prices are incredibly low. The average price for a home is just $110,000. Flint wants to invest in the city and its infrastructure, which means tempting people to relocate. Over 90% of homes in this city fall below the $250,000 mark.

Youngstown, Ohio

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Youngstown used to be a steel powerhouse, but now it offers homes with an average value of $120,000. There has been a rising interest in relocating to Youngstown, mainly from remote workers, as it is affordable and close to larger cities. Even though the city faced a decline, its prices are now starting to gradually rise again.

Rockford, Illinois

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Rockford is another city that faced a decline after a drop in the manufacturing industry. This caused the average home price to drop to $152,000. The majority of homes are under $250,000, and Best Neighborhood writes, “Rockford’s most expensive areas are in the northeastern regions, while the cheapest areas are in the western parts of the city.”

Syracuse, New York

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The median price of a home in Syracuse is $159,900, with a significant portion coming in under the $250,000 mark. The city is home to Syracuse University, which helps to support the local economy and the city’s culture. The city is expected to continue growing, with new jobs constantly being created.

Anderson, Indiana

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The average price of a home in Anderson is $177,000, which is significan

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tly lower than its nearby city of Indianapolis. It’s a great city for first-time buyers to purchase a home, as it offers all the amenities of a large city but maintains a small-town feel.