18 Things People Do Only When They’re Alone

Let’s face it: no matter how professional and well-mannered we are around others, we all have secret habits that we’d never tell anyone else about. This list reveals 18 common embarrassing things we only do if we’re alone.

Binge-Watching Embarrassing TV Shows or Movies

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Whether we admit it publicly or not, many of us privately binge on “embarrassing” TV shows or movies. This may include reality TV shows, low-rated movies, or simply things most people think we wouldn’t watch. But in truth, this behavior is nothing to be embarrassed about, and watching our guilty pleasures can be a great way to relax and wind down.

Talking to Ourselves

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Many people talk to themselves when they’re alone, whether as a way to express their inner thoughts and feelings, think through problems, or rehearse future conversations. While you may be embarrassed at the thought of someone seeing you talking to yourself, it’s actually completely normal and healthy. In fact, studies show that self-talk can improve your self-esteem, stress levels, and well-being.

Singing or Dancing in the Mirror

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Who doesn’t like a little song and dance? Whether we admit it or not, a lot of people will sing or dance in front of a mirror while they’re by themselves. This can be a healthy form of self-expression and a great way to let loose and reduce your stress levels.

Trying Out Different Voices or Accents

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Many people love trying on different voices or accents, even if it’s only ever in their own company. While you might feel embarrassed if someone ever walked in on you doing this, it’s a harmless activity that can be beneficial in stimulating the brain and improving cognitive flexibility.

Practicing Facial Expressions or Poses

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If you’ve ever practiced your smile or “model poses” in front of a mirror, you’re not alone. It’s a very common habit that can be helpful for improving one’s nonverbal communication skills and enhancing your sense of self-confidence.

Making Silly Faces or Gestures

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Sometimes, it’s fun and refreshing to act like a kid again. Making silly faces and gestures when you’re alone may sound immature and childish to some, but it’s a normal way to entertain yourself, relieve stress, or pass the time when you’re bored.

Practicing Pickup Lines or Flirting Techniques

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There’s nothing wrong with practicing your game when you’re home alone. A lot of people will try out pickup lines or flirting techniques in their own company or in front of a mirror. While many of us would feel a bit silly getting caught in the act, research suggests that practicing these kinds of social skills can increase our confidence and success in social situations.

Trying Out Different Hairstyles or Makeup Looks

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Even if we’re not expecting to go out, trying out new and different makeup looks and hairstyles can be a wonderful way to express yourself and experiment with personal style. This can also help to enhance your self-image and boost your confidence.

Having One-Sided Conversations with Pets

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Our animal companions may not know a whole lot about human language, but that doesn’t stop us from having conversations with them. While you may think of this as a silly and pointless activity, it’s actually a great way to bond with pets, express your affection, and reduce feelings of loneliness. This is probably why most Americans say they talk to their pets.

Playing Air Instruments or Imaginary Scenarios

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Another common thing many people do in their own company is play “air instruments,” especially the air guitar. While this can feel silly, especially if we’re caught in the act, it’s a fun and freeing way to express yourself and reduce stress.

Experimenting with Fashion or Outfits

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Experimenting with fashion and trying on different outfits is a common thing many people do when they’re alone. Some people may see this as a waste of time, but it’s a good way to express your personal style and creativity. Finding clothes that feel good also helps you feel more confident in yourself.

Trying Out New Recipes or Cooking Techniques

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When all the daily responsibilities are out of the way, many people love using their free time to try out new recipes and experiment with cooking techniques. As well as enhancing your cooking abilities, this can help you feel more relaxed and happy and give you the chance to get creative.

Dancing or Exercising in Unconventional Ways

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Dancing or exercising in weird and wacky ways is a surprisingly common thing many of us do when we’re alone. While it may feel pretty awkward and embarrassing if someone walked in on us, it makes for a fun way to stay active, express yourself, and release pent-up energy.

Talking to Inanimate Objects or Household Items

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Talking to inanimate objects may sound like a strange concept to people who’ve never done it, but a lot of people actually do. Like talking to animals, it can be a great way to express your inner thoughts and emotions, reduce feelings of loneliness, and alleviate boredom.

Reenacting Scenes from Movies or TV Shows

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Whether we’d admit to it or not, many of us are theater kids at heart. Those of us who love the drama and emotion of certain movies, TV shows, or musicals will often reenact scenes we find particularly engaging. While we may feel embarrassed if anyone were to walk in on our private play, it makes for a fun way to express yourself and your creativity.

Secretly Eating or Indulging in Guilty Pleasures

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When no one’s around to see us, some of us will head straight to the cupboard or fridge to grab our favorite guilty pleasure. While this can be an effective way to relax and cope with stressful feelings in moderation, it’s important not to overindulge and put your health at risk.

Recreating TikTok or Social Media Trends

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TikTok and other social media trends go viral for a reason: they’re fun, addictive, and can help create a greater sense of community. So it’s no surprise that many of us recreate these trends when we get some time to ourselves. While it may feel embarrassing to some, these trends often provide a good way to stay active, socialize with others, and engage our creative minds.

Reading Aloud to Oneself

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Why would you read aloud when no one else is around? For a few good reasons, actually. A study by the University of Waterloo found that it can improve your ability to recall information. It can also improve reading comprehension and pronunciation and help you enjoy literature in a more immersive way.

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