18 Signs Someone Has a High IQ

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, a measure of a person’s reasoning and logic, proven through a series of standardized tests. Without testing them yourself, it’s difficult to predict whether someone has a high IQ, so look out for these 18 signs.

They’re Inquisitive

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People with high IQs are naturally inquisitive because they always try to learn new things. They want to expand their knowledge and develop new skills, which is why they usually do better at school than people with lower IQs. Their brains seek out information and work to retain it.

They’re a High Achiever

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Sometimes, the secret to success is having a high IQ; for instance, CNBC reports that people with higher IQs typically earn bigger salaries, perform better academically, and have greater career potential. However, having a high IQ isn’t everything, and they’ll still need to work hard to reach their full potential.

They’re Creative

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Creativity is one of the highest forms of intelligence, as it gives you an outlet to bring novel ideas to life. It also indicates strong problem-solving and in-depth thinking, with a person’s motivation and adaptability further linking creativity and intelligence.

They’re Intellectual

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We often associate a high IQ with intelligence, but it’s also related to how intellectual someone is. Being intellectual means thinking critically, unpacking complex concepts, memorizing information, and being able to reason. They can also think outside the box and adapt their abilities accordingly.

They’re Observant

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People with higher IQs are more naturally perceptive and inquisitive. They can take in information, process it, and use it to solve problems because they’re so observant. This also makes it easier for them to read body language and facial expressions, so while they might seem quiet, they’re probably paying attention.

They Have a Good Memory

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A high IQ benefits both your long-term and short-term memory, as more information can be quickly stored in the short-term memory and then transferred to the long-term memory. So, if you notice that a friend has an insane ability to remember information, they probably have a high IQ.

They’re Intuitive

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People with higher IQs are able to store more in their minds and reason things out easily, so they’re usually good at intuitive thinking. While your IQ depends on your reasoning abilities, reasoning comes naturally to high-IQ individuals, so they can trust their guts and do it intuitively.

They Get Anxious

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Having a high IQ is a positive thing, but it can also negatively affect a person’s mental health. Research published by Psych Central concluded that people with high IQs are more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety or other mood disorders, with the stress of being pushed to achieve often being the cause.

They Have a Lot of Energy

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We sometimes stereotype high-IQ individuals as silent, studious, and reclusive, but many are lively, energetic people. This is often due to their enthusiasm to learn, making them seem eager and energetic. At times, this could even come across so strongly that it becomes annoying.

They Daydream

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Daydreaming isn’t inherently a negative pastime, especially considering it indicates a high IQ. When we daydream, we subconsciously think through things without direct focus, so our brains are constantly working. An efficient brain helps raise a person’s IQ and keep their mind active, so don’t look down on daydreamers.

They Like Being Alone

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Though they’re lively and involved when they want to be, people with high IQs also appreciate their alone time. They’re happy to study or work alone and flourish independently. A high IQ also affects your emotional state, so when such people feel stressed, they might deliberately isolate themselves to focus.

They’re Adventurous

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When you picture somebody with a high IQ, you likely think of a stuffy student. However, many high-IQ people are adventurous because they’re eager to try new things. Adventurous children often grow up to have high IQs, so it’s beneficial to explore a diverse set of skills and experiences.

They Pay Attention to Detail

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Analytical thinking is a huge component of a high IQ, which requires an individual to pay close attention to detail. They can analyze even the least significant areas of a topic, often spotting important details that their peers might miss.

They Procrastinate

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It’s incredibly common for clever people to procrastinate. Research published on ScienceDirect found a direct link between higher IQs and perfectionism, which indirectly causes procrastination. This undeniably causes them stress, but it’s a habit for many high-IQ people. Nobody is perfect!

They Pick Things Up Quickly

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People with high IQs procrastinate because they pick things up quickly, making them more restless when focusing on a single task. Their brains are wired to learn fast, so they’re always eager to move on to the next topic, pick up information, and solve further problems.

They’re Messy

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Messiness is another common trait of people with high IQs. PsychologicalScience reports that being messy correlates with having a high IQ, as cluttered environments don’t prevent high-IQ people from achieving mental clarity. That’s no excuse to start neglecting your workspace, though!

They’re a Problem Solver

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As you may have realized by now, people with high IQs are excellent problem solvers. They have excellent logic and can analyze all sides of a problem before coming up with a reasonable solution. Their thinking is structured, and they can solve both simple and complex problems, academically or creatively.

They Challenge Themselves

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Finally, someone with a high IQ will constantly be looking for ways to challenge themselves. Sometimes, they might do this subtly inside their minds, but other times, they’ll make it explicit that they’re aiming for success. Without challenges, they get bored and might start to feel unmotivated.