17 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Not a Good Person

We all exhibit bad traits and have done terrible things to friends and family at one time or another. While we do this once in a while, for some people, it’s almost like a way of life. When a person exhibits a few of these 17 traits, you could have someone with bad character on your hands.

They Don’t Own Up to Mistakes

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You’ll never see them apologize or admit they are wrong, even though all the signs are glaring. They see an admission of fault or mistake as a flaw that makes them lose control over you or a situation. Instead of owning up to a mistake, they’d rather find something else to blame.

They Gaslight You

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You go to them to complain about an issue, and they make it seem like you’re mad or blowing things out of proportion. When you say you saw him or her having a date with someone else, for instance, you’ll be told it was just for work, and you’re thinking too much of it.

They Never Put Themselves in Your Shoes

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When a person lacks the empathy to care for others, then you shouldn’t be dealing with them. They’ll harm you with their words or actions without understanding how much pain they cause. Talking to this person about it also never changes his or her behavior or brings out sympathy for him or her.

They Are Condescending

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As The Guardian explains, it’s always a sign that a person is bad when they treat the waiters or any other retail worker terribly. They look at these people as being beneath them and, hence, don’t treat them with the decency or respect they’ll usually grant others.

They Abuse You “Jokingly”

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A terrible person with knowledge of your insecurities will try to use them to put you down. The more manipulative ones will disguise their hurtful words as jokes so they don’t seem like bad people. This could be done when you are both alone or even in front of others.

They Are Selfish

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Yes, everyone tries to do what’s best for themselves, sometimes at the detriment of others. But it gets bad when a person becomes excessively selfish, opting to unnecessarily disregard others or even sabotage good things for them. Selfishness could be a sign of a lack of empathy and can even put you in dangerous scenarios with them.

They Are Envious of Others

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It’s okay to look at the success of others and wish it for yourself. But when this desire manifests in looking for active ways to sabotage success or hijack a good thing from someone, then you’re dealing with an envious person. Be careful, as they can cause damage to you or your possessions.

They’re Never The Bad Guy

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If everyone they have dealt with is the bad person in the relationship, then you’re probably dealing with the actual culprit. They are self-virtuous and never see themselves in a bad light. This is a side effect of never admitting faults and, sometimes, plain narcissism.

They Always Talk Badly About Others

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We all have something to say about others, and it isn’t always good. However, when someone continuously finds faults in others and doesn’t feel fazed by calling them terrible names, then you’re dealing with someone with a bad character. Don’t be surprised if you hear that they talk badly about you too.

They Share Sensitive Information About Others

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If this person shares extremely sensitive personal information about others with you, then you should be mindful of what you say around him or her. You best believe that if they can share Maria’s secrets, then anything you share with them in confidence isn’t safe either. Jessica Salerno, an associate professor of psychology at ASU, even says they may do this to punish others.

They Litter

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Littering is an unkind act that shows that a person doesn’t have good values toward the environment. Most people know littering is bad, but some do it anyway because it’s easier—”someone else will clean it.” What will be even worse is if this person litters indoors instead of finding a waste bin to dump trash in.

They Don’t Help Without Benefits

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No matter how terrible your situation is, they’ll never lend a helping hand unless you agree to repay the favor. They always want to get something back for the most minor help they grant. For instance, this could be asking for your favorite shoes in exchange for teaching you how to drive.

They Treat Animals Badly

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Torturing or unnecessarily killing helpless animals is a sign of bad character that places you in harm’s way. The FBI shares that “historically, animal cruelty has been considered an isolated issue, but recent research shows a well-documented link that it is a predictive or co-occurring crime with violence against humans (including intimate partners, children, and elders).”

They Force You to Forgive Them

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When they apologize for mistakes, they expect you to immediately forgive them and put any hard feelings to rest. No matter how hurtful their actions were,, these people will make it seem like you’re unnecessarily being difficult after they have told you “sorry,” which most likely doesn’t come from their hearts

Trying Too Hard to Be Good

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This is for people who have enough self-awareness to know they behave badly but still choose to remain like that anyway. They offer unnecessary and over-the-top good gestures to compensate for the things they’ve done. You should be particularly wary of this if the person rubs gestures in your face whenever you confront them about an issue.

They Don’t Listen to You

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With them, it’s talk, talk, and more talk about their problems without ever lending a listening ear to yours. Although this may be an innocent character flaw, you should be more wary of this person if there’s an immediate shove away from anything you have to say. For instance, as Verywell Health shares, you say you’re having a bad day, and their response will be that yours wasn’t as bad as theirs, followed by information on why theirs is bad.

They Always Have to Win

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Arguments with them will be a drag and a complete waste of time. They aren’t open-minded and get unhealthily hostile when you try to change their opinion about something. Sometimes, never conforming to what they want could be what triggers the end of your relationship with them.

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