17 US Beach Towns That Are Surprisingly Affordable

We’d all love to live by the beach. It’s a relaxed lifestyle compared to city living; we have the ocean on our doorstep and a constant supply of fresh air. Luckily, it isn’t as expensive as we thought it would be. Here are the 17 best beach towns that are actually affordable.

Hilo, Hawaii

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According to The Hawaiian Islands, there are five different beaches close to Hilo. There’s Carlsmith Beach Park, Onekahakaha Beach Park, Leleiwi Beach Park, Richardson Ocean Center, and Honoli’i Beach Park. Hilo takes you away from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and gives you options for affordable housing.

Coos Bay, Oregon

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If you want both beach and city living, then Coos Bay becomes a great option. It’s Oregon’s largest coastal city but it still offers a low average for house prices. Coos Bay offers many outdoor activities, such as whale watching and hiking, and has attractions such as Shore Acres State Park.

Freeport, Texas

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The average rent you can expect to pay in Freeport is $850, making it an affordable town to move to. Bryan Beach is one of its most popular beaches, thanks to the sand stretching out three miles. It’s ideal for walks along the coast or finding a spot to lay out in the summer.

Gulfport, Mississippi

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As Mississippi’s second-largest city, there are plenty of entertainment options in Gulfport to ensure you never become bored. It has casinos, boats, and beaches to lay out on all day. The median house price in Gulfport is $191,000, giving the city a low cost of living.

Grand Isle, Louisiana

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Grand Isle is a small island town located in the Gulf of Mexico, just off the coast of Louisiana. It’s the perfect place to relocate to if you’re after an active, outdoor lifestyle. The town is known for its state parks, fishing piers, and hiking trails. The average price for a home in Grand Isle is $375,000.

Deerfield Beach, Florida

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You’ll find Deerfield Beach situated just north of Fort Lauderdale. It’s home to Blue Wave Beach, which is well known for its high water quality and beautiful views. There’s plenty to keep you busy in Deerfield Beach with activities such as fishing and watersports. The best part is that the average home costs only $300,000.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Atlantic City is a famous coastal city thanks to its entertainment, casinos, and boardwalk. The city has so much to offer people who are thinking of moving there. It has year-round outdoor festivals and an affordable housing market. The median price for a home is just $223,000.

Lynn, Massachusetts

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This town has changed from a quiet industrial town into an exciting town with a strong art community. It’s located near Boston, which still gives you all the amenities of a big city, just with a lower cost of living. It’s one of the most affordable New England towns to move to.

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If you’re a fan of horses, then you’ll love Chincoteague. It’s home to wild ponies, which love to roam across the wet plains and beaches. It also has an annual pony penning event, which is a delight to attend each year. Along with the wild horses, there’s also plenty of shopping and beaches to explore.

Folly Beach, South Carolina

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Far & Wide writes, “The Folly Beach Pier is the focal point of this pretty little beach town. It creates the perfect place for people to take strolls, fish and watch the sunrise.” Because it’s a small beach town, Folly Beach is a great place to relocate to if you’re after a relaxed lifestyle.

Hanapepe, Hawaii

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Located in Kauai, Hanapepe is home to Salt Pond Beach Park, which has some incredible Hawaiian views. The area is full of green landscapes, which makes it a great place for hiking. The town has a relaxed feel, with plenty of outdoor activities and Hawaiian culture to indulge in.

Panama City, Florida

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This is a popular beach town that plays host to plenty of outdoor activities, especially if you love watersports. Panama City is also home to lively nighttime entertainment, making it a great spot for the younger demographic to relocate to. The average house price in Panama City is just $319,000.

Daytona Beach, Florida

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With 23 miles of white, sandy beaches, Daytona Beach is an incredibly picturesque town that offers some incredible views. You can go for long beach walks or spend a day relaxing on the soft sand. The town is known for its nightlife and attractions, and the best thing is that the average rent falls below $1,000.

Crescent City, California

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Yahoo! Finance writes, “With a cost of living 6.7% lower than the US average, this beach town is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a lovely place to enjoy activities like hiking, biking, and kayaking.” Located in northern California, Crescent City has incredible views of the Pacific and is also near Redwoods National and State Parks.

La Porte, Texas

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You’ll find La Porte in the Gulf of Mexico, guaranteeing a warm climate and beautiful ocean views. It’s home to Sylvan Beach, which has long stretches of sandy beach and a pier for fishing. The best part of this town is that rent prices average $900 per month.

Jacksonville, Florida

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Jacksonville is located on the Atlantic coast and has the warm climate and year-round sunshine that Florida is famous for. Along with its stunning beaches, Jacksonville is also famous for its outdoor activities and low cost of living. The median price for a home is $298,000.

Venice, Florida

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Venice is loved by its locals for many reasons. It has stunning beaches, prehistoric shark teeth, a lively downtown area, and plenty of shops and restaurants. Venice is also a great spot for outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, and golf. The average price for a home is only $450,000.

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