17 Things People Do That Reveal What They Are Really Like

More than words, it is through individual actions and decisions that people’s true nature and intentions are often revealed. If you are good at observing these traits, you can gain a better understanding of people’s characters and who they are like. These 17 traits are a few good indicators.

Treatment of Service Staff

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How people treat other individuals, such as those in the service industry, i.e., staff, waiters, colleagues, or any stranger, can reveal a lot about their attitude towards equality, as well as whether they have any empathy for others. Wellbeing People mention how having empathy helps us build better social connections, which is beneficial to our overall well-being.

Listening Skills

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American novelist Chuck Palahniuk often said, “People don’t listen, they just wait for their turn to talk.” When someone is actively listening to you when you are talking to them, it shows a genuine interest. This can help show respect but also show their relationship-building and effective communication traits clearly.

Reaction to Criticism

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Another thing that reveals a lot about people is how they react to criticism. Not many people take criticism lightly; however, when you see it as constructive criticism, you can make room for improvement. How someone handles criticism from others says a lot about their openness for improvement and growth, as well as their maturity.


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Things like arriving early, late, or on time to an appointment, say a lot about a person, according to Reader’s Digest. When you respect time, it shows commitment, and those who are consistently late to events, etc. show their lack of consideration for others and organization skills.

Social Media Behavior

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One of the most obvious ways that reveal what a person is like is through their social media accounts. It acts as a mirror to their persona and shows their attitudes towards their interests, and sometimes even their insecurities. What they post online speaks volumes about who they are.

Money Management

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Characteristics such as self-control and personal priorities are reflected in the way people handle their finances. Some people save diligently, while others spend extravagantly on unnecessary items. One’s approach to their finances shows their attitude towards one’s ability to plan long-term as well as their values.


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Having empathy is important. When you see this trait in others, it shows that they can understand you, your perspectives, and your feelings. A lack thereof often reflects a lack of compassion or emotional depth in someone who doesn’t show empathetic actions toward others.

Responsibility for Actions

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There are many people who, when they make a mistake or do something wrong, can’t take responsibility for it. When you see someone taking ownership of things they may have said or done wrong, it reveals a lot about them. It reflects their integrity and honest characteristics. These are people who aren’t afraid to learn and grow.


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Generosity is one of the many things that, when seen, warms your heart. Anyone who performs an act of kindness towards someone or something else, even an animal, especially when they don’t expect anything in return, shows true altruism.


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Those who aren’t very patient tend to show this very obviously with their words and behaviors. However, people who have patience and aren’t always in a rush to finish things or run around everywhere show self-control and resilience at most times. The way they handle situations under stress reveals a lot about their emotional strength.

Curiosity and Learning

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People who are always on the lookout for, or engage in, learning and finding new knowledge about different topics, either by taking up courses, reading, listening to podcasts, or speaking to mentors, show their intelligent side and reveal their open-mindedness as well. They also show commitment by completing their learning goals.

Sense of Humor

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Did you know, that one of the most important life skills you can have to help your emotional health is a sense of humor? A study from the World Economic Forum reveals how it can improve both physical and mental health and also make you more attractive to others.
A good sense of humor, especially the ability to laugh at oneself, can indicate confidence and a positive outlook on life.

Privacy Respect

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Some people have absolutely no clue about other’s boundaries. For example, when someone always stands right next to you or imposes their ways on others or peers over your phone while you’re typing; it can be quite uncomfortable for many. However, those who show they respect other people’s space and personal privacy show an understanding of boundaries and are trustworthy.

Ambition and Goals

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Those who have clear ambitions or goals often reveal a sense of determination and a drive to improve their own lives, and this can be a great asset. It is revealed by their actions, revelations of goals, and even by their day-to-day lives that you can see if someone is ambitious or not.

Handling Conflict

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Problem-solving skills and emotional intelligence are two of the most important traits that people reveal through their actions. How someone deals with conflict speaks volumes. Now, not just how people handle conflicts but also how they handle the process by showing understanding and respect can reveal a lot.


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When you have people in your life who, when you need them, are there and you can depend on them, it reveals their dependability and traits of trustworthiness. When they keep their promises to you, and their word is their honor, it shows that they are a reliable person that anyone can count on and trust.


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Many people are afraid or just uncertain about change, but those who show that they are open, flexible, and easily adaptable go through life less stressed. This trait reveals a more resilient and positive side of their characteristics, which is often appealing to others. It can be shown by how they handle new environments, changes in their or other’s situations, being at a crossroads, and other similar things.

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