17 Things Men Start Doing After 60 That They Never Did Before

After the age of 60, children have flown the nest, and careers are drawing to a close, providing men with plenty of extra time to embark on new pursuits. Men start doing many things after 60 that they never did before, such as the following 17 examples.


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Engaging in hobbies that are good for mental stimulation as you age is extremely important. That’s precisely why puzzles of all types, whether it be a crossword, jigsaw, or sudoku, are incredibly popular amongst men over the age of 60.

Eating healthily

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It’s very common for men to rethink their eating habits after they turn 60. They want to stay in tip-top shape for the remaining years, and with more time, it’s easier to plan and prepare healthy meals and make better lifestyle choices.

Quit smoking

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As health conditions become more prominent in our later years, it’s essential to give up habits that are damaging to us. Many men over the age of 60 who have smoked all their lives quit smoking in an effort to improve their health and usually end up wishing they had quit sooner.


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Cruising is one of the most exciting ways to vacation, allowing you to explore multiple destinations in one trip. However, this comes with a time commitment, disposable time we commonly don’t have in our earlier years. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that Port Economics shares that over 60s make up the majority of cruisers.

Look after their teeth

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It’s important to look after your teeth from the moment they appear as an infant. However, we often take dental health for granted until later in life. Dentures are particularly common in the elderly, so after the age of 60, most men will take precautions to avoid needing them.

Visit the doctor more regularly

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The health conditions that come with age make doctor visits far more common for men over 60. However, even if they are in the best health, men over 60 will still visit the doctor more regularly. It’s important to take advantage of preventative measures and regularly receive routine tests.

Making new friends

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While building a career and growing a family, younger men don’t typically pursue new friendships, relying on those they fostered throughout their childhood and education. However, this all changes after 60, as there is more time and a greater desire to form new bonds.

Giving back to the community

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Family and careers always come first, but men have additional time and energy to devote to other things later in life. They often find themselves increasingly wanting to give back to the community, achieving this by working for charities, community projects, and other important causes.


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It’s uncommon to find the younger generation with a passion for birdwatching, but this hobby seems to appear as we age. Seniors Lifestyle Magazine recommends bird watching as a hobby for over-60s. Exposure to vitamin D improves bone health, and the fresh air and nature are great for mental health.


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Although hiking is a popular activity for men of all ages, it’s more common in the over-60s. Like birdwatching, it’s excellent for both mental and physical health, so many men who have never hiked before take it on as a hobby in their golden years.

Chasing sunsets

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Watching the sunset is a beautiful part of Mother Nature that we commonly take for granted throughout our lives. However, as men age, the number of sunsets left in their lives gets smaller, making them all the more breathtaking. Therefore, they often tend to actively seek them out in their 60s.


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It’s famously common for men over the age of 60 to join a golf club. Golfing is one of the most popular hobbies for men after 60, a perfect blend of activity, relaxation, and socialization. It’s also a great chance to connect with friends and unwind in nature while enjoying a gentle sport.


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Gardening is a hugely popular hobby for men in their 60s. It’s hard to find the time to focus on gardening when we’re young, but after the age of 60, we have more time to appreciate it. Psychology Today says gardening has also been shown to improve brain function, which is highly important as we age.


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Age comes with a lot of perspective, and after 60, many men spend a lot of time reflecting on life. Many writing pursuits are about personal experiences, but some men also look into more creative ventures. Writing is also one of the best hobbies for keeping the mind young.

Learning a new language

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The extra time that comes with retirement is great for learning a new language. This time also allows for more travel, and learning a new language is extremely beneficial for exploring the world. Language learning is also one of the most intense cognitive sports that proves to be extremely beneficial for brain health.


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When we have smartphones with incredible built-in cameras, anyone can pursue photography in the modern world. Despite this, while everyone loves to snap pictures, actively pursuing the intricacies of photography is pursued more after 60. It creates a great sense of well-being and encourages you to get out more.

Join a book club

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Becoming a member of a book club is common for women of all ages, but for men, they are often subconsciously avoided until after 60. Sixty and Me reports that you may even live longer if you join a book club, as it improves your cognitive function.

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