17 Non-Negotiables Men of Integrity Refuse to Compromise On

Many men have strong values and moral principles, and they wouldn’t do anything to damage their integrity or any ethics that they stand behind. Some things are simply part of a man’s character, so here are 17 non-negotiables men of integrity refuse to compromise on.


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Lies always have a way of being discovered; even if they didn’t, a man of integrity still wouldn’t resort to lying. Not only would lying damage his reputation, but it would also devalue his strong moral conduct and put him in tricky situations.

Verbal abuse

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According to Verywell Health, 12.1% of men are verbally abusive in relationships, but a good man would never treat his partner this way. He considers what he says and how he says it very carefully, even during conflict, and would never be verbally abusive towards his other half.


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Violence is also not in the vocabulary of a man of integrity. He would never engage in a situation where violence is required, whether this be getting into a fight or being aggressive towards a partner. He will always resolve any issues or conflicts with firm words, not physical actions.


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Gossiping should stay in the schoolyard, and any man of integrity knows this. It’s a destructive habit that finds entertainment in discussing the misfortunes of others, and while it’s very common in society, a good man is simply not interested in partaking.


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A good man is honest and true; much like his aversion to lying, he would never intentionally try to deceive another. He will always set the record straight and correct anyone jumping to the wrong conclusion. Men of integrity are upfront, so they can always be trusted to speak nothing but the truth.


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Prioritizing and respecting the needs of other people is a key trait of a man with integrity. Being selfish is not consistent with being a respectful person, so a decent man will always put others before himself. Things won’t always go his way, and he’s okay with that.

Accepting advice

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We all need advice from time to time, and it can be received either positively or negatively. However, men of integrity will always appreciate constructive criticism and words of advice. They will take it on board without feeling offended and use the help of others for personal development.


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Stealing is widely regarded as a bad thing, yet Psychology Today explains that many people find excuses for it. However, a man of integrity will never need such excuses; under no circumstances would he take something without paying, regardless of how small the item is or how dire the situation is.


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There is no situation in which a decent man would discriminate. In his eyes, everyone is created equal and should be treated with respect. There is no excuse for any prejudice, and he will set anyone straight who does not treat others with this respect.

Being irresponsible

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A man of integrity will always have a good head on his shoulders and a level of maturity that allows him to act responsibly. Whether it is the way he spends his money or the way he makes decisions, being irresponsible will not take care of his family.

Acting inappropriate

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Inappropriate behavior would never be seen in a man of integrity, and they won’t tolerate it being around them either. They’re always aware of others’ boundaries, so they would never make rude jokes, be overly flirtatious, or make assumptions about strangers.


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While a study shared by Harpers Bazaar concluded that 57% of men have admitted to infidelity in their lives, a man of integrity could never. When a good man gets into a relationship, he is fully invested in his partner and would never betray a significant other in the face of lust.


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A man with good intentions will never talk negatively behind someone’s back. Whether it is a partner, friend, or even an enemy, backstabbing is not natural for a man of integrity. Whenever there is an issue, he will confront it directly rather than going to others to discuss the situation.

Being two-faced

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Men with integrity are direct and straight to the point. They will never say one thing and then act differently. They are open books and will speak honestly, no matter who they are engaging with. You will never discover that a man of integrity said one thing to you and another to someone else.

Be disrespectful

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Treating others with the utmost respect is the very foundation of a decent man. He will never speak or act in a way that disrespects others, as he values people’s time, appreciates their opinions, and honors any set boundaries. He never looks down on anyone else and never sees himself higher than others.


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There is a fine line between being influenced and being manipulated, as Harvard Business Review explains. A man of integrity uses his powers for good rather than evil; he loves to positively impact others but will never manipulate them. It’s just not a trait of a man of integrity.


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Finally, a man who values his integrity will always stand up for what is right and will never ignore injustice. He will never turn a blind eye to anyone being treated poorly, will ensure that justice is served, and will prioritize issues until they are resolved.

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