17 Indicators You’re Smarter Than The Average Person

The average IQ is said to be between 90 and 109 and some people go way off the scale. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re smarter than the average person, here’s 17 indicators you may just be.

You’re Always Curious

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Smart people dig deep into what other people have no interest in, ask questions, and don’t mind spending unending hours learning. You always want to learn something new and aggressively chase after interests until you’re satisfied with what you’ve learned.

You’re funny

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A study of comedians showed that they have higher IQs than the average population, beating others by up to 20 points. Intelligence here is all in abstract thinking, greater creativity, and the verbal abilities required to catch others by surprise. Understanding and producing dark humor is an even greater indicator of intelligence.

You’re Less Physically Active

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Some may describe it as being lazy and others as having a “need for cognition.” Nonetheless, a study on CNBC shows that smarter people tend to be less bored and, hence, need less physical stimulation. You only need mental stimulation, and thoughts are enough entertainment to satisfy this need.

You Procrastinate A Lot

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It’s not procrastination to do nothing, but rather procrastination to focus on tasks you’ve deemed more important. Smarter people even tend to procrastinate on tasks they value, as long as their hands are filled with what they give greater priority. Of course, you also have the mental fortitude to complete all tasks on time.

You’re Less Romantic

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Studies also show that individuals with higher IQs in high school are also more likely to be virgins. While people with lower IQs are five times more likely to have been intimate with someone, the smarter you are, the lower your chances are. You’re also less likely to kiss or hold hands with your partner.

You Know (and Use) More Swear Words

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There’s a general perception that people use swear words to hide what they lack in vocabulary prowess. In actual fact, a study by Kristin and Timothy Jay for the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts shows that people with greater fluency in “taboo” words have better psycho-verbal abilities.

You’re Open-Minded

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As an intelligent person, you are more likely to embrace new experiences. You don’t mind where your next learning experience comes from, and you also don’t mind changing your opinions on certain issues as long as you’ve deemed new opinions as superior stances.

You’ve Tried Recreational Drugs

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The curiosity of smarter people extends to novel experiences. Science Direct shares that intelligence is linked to the probability of having tried substances like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and other psychoactive drugs. There’s no indication that smart people will continue to use these drugs, however.

You Have Advanced Levels of Concentration

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Studies have shown that smarter people have better abilities to filter out unnecessary distractions in the background. You may be able to concentrate on important information for long periods of time and be more selective about where or what you want to focus your eyes on.

You Stay Awake at Night

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Smarter people are more likely to stay awake at night and wake up later than other people. While some attribute this to the calmer, concentration-friendly environment the night brings, others claim it’s an evolutionarily-developed ability of smarter humans to control their circadian rhythms.

You Prefer Solitude

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For you, being alone is a choice, as you don’t enjoy the company of others, especially because they may not understand things like you do. You may be more selective of your friends and also feel more happy when alone than when you have to associate with a crowd or strangers. This doesn’t affect you negatively, since you don’t need anyone to solve your problems for you.

You Adapt Easily

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More intelligent people find it easier to thrive in unconventional or unexpected situations. As Robert Sternberg explains further for Britannica, “adaptation involves making a change in oneself in order to cope more effectively with the environment, but it can also mean changing the environment or finding an entirely new one.”

You Have Great Self-Control

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It takes great mental strength to keep yourself calm in times of distress or anger. If you find yourself in great control of your emotions, then you’re more intelligent than most. This ability stems from your understanding of the negative consequences of poorly thought-out actions. You also have more patience to achieve goals that are only beneficial in the long term.

You’re More Messy Than Others

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The more intelligent people tend to be disorderly in where and how they live. You probably have a messy desk or consistently find it difficult to stick to schedules. Studies show that this is because of an obsessive thinking habit and a subconscious need to break out of conventional arrangements to fuel creativity.

You Suffer From Some Form of Mental Illness

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The Independent reported on a study of over 3,500 members of the American Mensa community. This study shows that people with over 130 IQs are more likely to be diagnosed with mood and anxiety disorders, as well as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). You may experience this due to increased hyper-brain and hyper-body awareness.

You Understand Abstract Patterns

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Intelligent people are also able to spot connections where they don’t seem to exist. Whether it’s behavioral, psychological, physical, or social, you are able to establish the most hidden link between two seemingly unrelated subjects. You also arrive at logical conclusions to support your abstract ideas.

You Know What You Don’t Know

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There’s never a case where ignorance is bliss for you. You are aware of even the things you don’t know and never overestimate your knowledge, unlike others. The popular Dunning-Krugger test showed that students who got the most questions right slightly underestimated their scores, while other students who didn’t do so well overestimated their scores by almost 50%.

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