17 Airports Travelers Dread in America

Thinking of flying into or out of the United States? You may want to reconsider if your plans involve any of the 17 airports on this list! Traveling can be a delightful experience, but certain airports can really turn it into a test of patience. Let’s uncover the airports that might make you think twice before booking your next flight.

Newark Liberty International Airport

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This airport has a pretty low customer rating. Passengers have reported their dissatisfaction with the airport’s services and organization, and there are reportedly frequent delays in its flights. You’ll also find a limited variety and quality of dining and shopping options here.

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

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Far from the capital, this airport is inconvenient for D.C. travelers and requires additional travel to get here. It’s also said to be disorganized and delay-prone—neither of which is something you want to hear. The airport’s monopoly in the area is likely a reason for its questionable quality standards.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

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According to Hotels.com, JFK is the busiest airport in New York, with “8 terminals and serving over 62 million passengers per year.” It deals with extremely high amounts of traffic and its large size makes navigation challenging. It’s also notable for delays but does slightly redeem itself with its good shopping options.

Chicago Midway International Airport

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This airport has an abysmal on-time performance and is notorious for delays, according to travelers. However, it does have a good selection of eateries and shops and is not as busy as its Chicago counterpart, O’Hare. Weigh up your options before deciding to travel!

Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport

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Another airport known for its delays is Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport. Naturally, considering its location, it services a large number of tourists, which can be hectic. On the bright side, though, it has reasonable dining and shopping options.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

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According to travelers, this airport is just average in all aspects. It doesn’t excel in any particular area. Cleveland Hopkins International has mediocre food options and a limited variety, and is said to provide an overall disappointing experience. To sum it up, it’s not the worst, but far from the best.

Orlando International Airport

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Located not far from several extremely popular amusement parks and tourist hotspots, it’s no wonder that the airport has such high traffic. International Airport Review says that it’s “the busiest international hub in the state of Florida.” The airport unfortunately suffers from notable delays on the regular.

Boston Logan International Airport

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Boston Logan International Airport is a bustling hub in New England, unfortunately known for its frequent flight delays. Despite decent food options, passengers often find their experience lackluster and chaotic. This airport also struggles with the massive number of passengers it handles, leading to operational challenges.

New York LaGuardia Airport

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This airport is notoriously difficult to access from the city due to the fact that it isn’t connected to the metro line. It’s often criticized by travelers for being disorganized and messy and suffers from constant flight delays. On a brighter note, its food options score fairly well.

Denver International Airport

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Denver International Airport, the largest airport in the U.S., is undergoing major renovations that disrupt passenger flow. While its unique design and public transit connections are positives, the limited food options are a disappointment. Despite its size, the airport’s overall experience is said to fall short.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

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Charlotte Douglas International Airport serves both military and civilian flights, which causes it to face challenges with traffic and congestion. Its limited terminal space also often results in crowded conditions, which is naturally uncomfortable. We wouldn’t make this your first choice if you have other options!

San Diego International Airport

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This popular airport plays a significant role in the local economy but does face criticism from travelers for its lack of facilities. The airport struggles to efficiently manage the high number of passengers passing through daily, often leading to congested conditions. Its lack of amenities and infrastructure also impacts the overall passenger experience.

Hollywood Burbank Airport

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Yet another airport known for its excessive crowds, especially during peak travel times, it isn’t the most pleasant to travel through. It’s one of two primary airports serving the Hollywood area and, therefore, is popular with tourists. The airport struggles with space constraints, limiting its ability to expand and improve facilities.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is known for having one of the worst performances in the U.S. in terms of flight delays. Recently, the airport experienced flooding issues due to heavy rains, exacerbating its operational challenges. These factors contribute to its reputation as one of the least efficient airports.

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

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As shared by SKYTRAX, this airport has pretty low ratings for staff attitude, quiet relaxation areas, signage, and more. It has also seen a reduction in passenger traffic over the years and is notoriously slow in handling and delivering baggage. The airport faces challenges related to older facilities and the need for modernization.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

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George Bush Intercontinental Airport is the busiest in Texas and contends with navigation issues due to ongoing construction. Passengers frequently report dissatisfaction with the customer service, which, along with high traffic volumes, contributes to a challenging experience for travelers​.

San Jose International Airport

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This airport is said to be difficult to access due to traffic jams and road congestion surrounding it. Long waits for security screening are also a common issue, according to past travelers. The airport is said to have a disappointing lack of variety in dining and shopping facilities, too.

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